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When it comes to finding happiness there are tons of mental blocks that could be keeping us in the dark. When we want to find happiness we have to work on ourselves from the inside before anything else.

You see, we carry with us more emotional baggage than we should. As human beings, most of us have problems letting go of things. We must let go of the things we do not need! You know, those useless ideas that drag us down, emotional debris, and difficult moments. Dwelling on the past never does us any good; things that we have no reason being attached to have to go!

By holding onto these things and building up these mental barriers we are doing nothing but being self-destructive. If you want to reboot your life and work on finding happiness then you have to let go of these mental barriers. While this is going to be hard at first it is worth it, stop holding yourself back.

25 Mental Barriers You Need To Let Go Of:

1. Let go of the habit of taking things too personally.

2. Let go of your fear of the future.

3. Let go of any habits that are being counterproductive.

4. Let go of forcing yourself to identify with your job.

5. Let go of past negative memories.

6. Let go of bad company.

7. Let go of clutter.

8. Let go of useless objects.

9. Let go of the idea that you are a product of your past.

10. Let go of the thoughts that make you feel like your future is going to be the same as your past.

11. Let go of anxious thoughts.

12. Let go of any past heartbreaks.

13. Let go of your procrastinating attitude.

14. Let go of any grudges you have been holding.

15. Let go of any limiting beliefs.

16. Let go of laziness.

17. Let go of your need to seek the approval of others.

18. Let go of your need for attention.

19. Let go of painful situations from the past.

20. Let go of things you cannot change and have no influence over.

21. Let go of self-criticism.

22. Let go of prejudice.

23. Let go of compulsive thinking.

24. Let go of guilt.

25. let go of any negative thoughts you are harboring.

These things are all leaving you filled with sorrow and give you no room for true happiness. We hurt ourselves within much more than we often take the time to notice. We think our lives suck because of others and because of the things we have been through but the truth is our lives suck because we are holding onto things we shouldn’t and have been doing so for so long that it has taken its toll on our wellbeing. We are our own worst enemies.

We are the reason why we cannot find happiness. Once you do all of the things above I promise you will feel much better and with all of that extra room inside of your heart you will be able to find happiness. There is no sense in harming yourself further, take steps to make your life better and things will look up much sooner than you think. Enjoy life!