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Gaslighting is a sneaky form of mental abuse that goes above and beyond to manipulate the victim. This tactic has been around for quite some time and is disgusting.

Gaslighting is when the abuser spins information/ falsifies information in order to make the victim doubt their own sanity. If you are dealing with gaslighting chances are you have been called ‘crazy’ by your significant other when arguing on more than one occasion, please remember that you are not crazy. We have all experienced gaslighting on some level so don’t ever think that you are alone in this.

If you are dealing with the following then you are being gaslighted and you deserve better:

Your fear is being used against you

Your partner listens to everything you say just so that he/she can find a loophole. They only want to get to know the bad things, anything they can use against you. If you have trouble dealing with your weight your gaslighting partner will make remarks about people being thinner than you then deny it when you bring it up later on.

You are not happy

When you are being forced to believe you are insane things are bound to go downhill. If you are depressed or anxious listen to your gut.

You make excuses for your partner

You are constantly explaining to your friends and family why your partner does the things he/she does.

You are always apologizing

Nothing you do is ever good enough and you are walking on eggshells. Your partner always makes you feel like you are in the wrong even when he/she is the one in the wrong.

You feel like you might be too emotional

You think you may actually be overreacting to things. This is what the gaslighter wants you to think. They will always accuse you of being too emotional no matter what they have done wrong.

You bend to your partners will

You do anything to keep the peace. When it comes to being out of character you fit the bill pretty well.

You are exhausted

You deal with so much turmoil daily that you are at your wit’s end. The emotional trauma is more than enough to wear you out.

You question your sanity.

This is the ultimate goal of the gaslighter. They will make you feel as though the very reality you live in is a lie. They will make you feel more out of place than you ever have before.

You are always being questioned

No matter what you say your partner questions it. Your reactions are always belittled and your feelings are stomped on.

If you are the victim of a gaslighter please do not stay in the situation. Choosing silence and distance is the only way to find peace. There is no arguing with a gaslighter, no matter how hard you try they will always make you out to be the bad guy.