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There has been much debate throughout history regarding the existence of the soul. While many have stated that the soul doesn’t exist, others aren’t so sure, however, the following may provide evidence that it does.

According to Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov, a Russian scientist, he has proof of the existence of the soul. He has photographed a dying man, and in his photos, you can see the soul leaving the body and quantified chakras.

Korotkov worked as a professor at the St. Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies, Optics and Mechanics in Russia, and during his time there, he was able to create something that was quite interesting. However, it wasn’t necessarily a new technology, but a revamping of past models.

He called the device GVC, which he based off of the ancient Chinese system of energy meridians. The machine is able to measure bio-energy that all living creatures give off. By use of a small electrical current that is connected to the tips pf the fingers, the machine can send signals in less than a millisecond. As these charges pulse through the body, we respond with electron clouds that are composed of light protons.

Image Courtesy: Youtube

In turn, this glow can be captured in the form of an image and then sent to a computer. Each part of the finger tip correlates with a part of the body. A computer program can then detect an auric cloud which corresponds with your chakras. The chakras, or seven main energetic vortexes of the body, have been applied to the technology. 

Korotkov used Kirlian photography to then show the exact moment in which the soul left the body at the time of death. He states that you can see a blue life force leaving the body, which is the soul.

However, certain parts of the soul leave the body first, Starting with the navel, and then the head, the heart, and groin follow in the last place.

Korotkov is not the only scientist to have conducted this type of experiment, as 300 other professionals have done it as well. Due to this type of research, scientists are beginning to gain a better understanding of the soul as well as death. You can watch the following video to see for yourself, and it is actually very informative.