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There are many things that happen in space that greatly affect us and our energies. Everything is a frequency, and astrological events have a heavy influence on the frequency of anything and everything. Just wait for the 1:1 portal.

Along with the eclipse in Leo, August has ended but it’s not just the end of any regular old month – it’s the beginning of a new era. In September an entirely new era will be born, ushering in a totally new experience of time. It is known as the September energy initiation, the 1:1 portal, and sometimes the 999 portal. The double 1:1 new beginnings code follows after the major eclipse in August, thrusting us into a new paradigm. We are constantly moving throughout a portal of energetic expression. The 1:1 portal is governed by just one source experienced through timelessness.

It’s as if you were watching a movie, paused it, then peeled away the screen. What is left is not a blank screen, but an entirely new screen that is living. The 1:1 portal resets our past patterns, especially in underlying cultural expectations. There has been a wobble in time, just like the Earth’s axis wobbles on occasion to right itself in a new frequency aligned with the universe, the cosmos, and all things that ever has been or will be.

During this time you need to sit back and stop trying to have control of your life. You need to see how natural cycles change their expression every season and year. This 1:1 code is an invitation to reset the clock and tune into timeless awareness.

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