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The throat chakra, or Vishuddha in Sanskrit, has a number of important associations, however, if it becomes blocked, chaos can ensue. Thankfully, if it is blocked, it is easy to detect and once detected can be cleansed to enhance its function.

The throat chakra is also our fifth chakra and it is typically associated with expression and communication. It is governed by the color blue turquoise and its symbol is a circle with 16 petals with crescent within a circle. If your throat chakra becomes blocked or imbalanced, you will notice that your symptoms will manifest in a number of ways.

Due to it’s association with communication and expression, the primary way to indicate an imbalance or blockage is how effectively you can communicate. If it becomes blocked many experience difficulty in speaking to others, as they are worried they may be judged. Conversely, if it is balanced and open, expression will come easy to you, and you will fill confident in your ability to communicate with others.

You May Also Notice the Following Manifestations of a Blocked Throat Chakra

  • Having a sore throat, constant upper respiratory infection, or frequent allergies.
  • Getting so nervous while speaking that you stammer, and turn red. Some may even shake.
  • Feeling as though you are misunderstood or misrepresented.
  • Secretive behavior.
  • Walking on eggshells around everyone out of fear that you will make them mad.
  • Constantly having a loss for words.
  • Ear popping/swollen lymph nodes located around the back of your neck.
  • Dry or scratchy throat.
  • Mouth pain.
  • Feeling “wishy-washy” or flakey.
  • Feeling a loss of self-expression or identity.

If you are currently displaying a variety of symptoms from the list above, it is likely that your throat chakra is imbalanced or blocked. If so, there are a number of simple ways to open it back up, and get yourself feeling back to normal.

1. Do a Throat Chakra Meditation

You will need a turquoise stone, or a Lapis Lazuli stone. Lay down in a comfortable position in a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted. Place the stone on your throat and close your eyes. Begin relaxing the entire body by starting at your toes, and slowly moving throughout your entire body. For example, toes, to the heel, to the ankle, to the calves, to the knee, etc,. Now, visualize a blue light emanating from your throat. Imagine all the troubles you are experiencing because of its blockage. Vent all of these negativities and imagine them sitting on your throat chakra like dust. Now, imaging the energy emanating from the stone on your throat. Imagine it like a white healing light. Next, use your mind to push that energy slowly into your throat chakra. Visualize it dissolving and cleansing the “dust.” You can focus on this as long as you see fit. Finally, imagine your body coming back to Earth, and the healing light exiting through your feet and into the ground. Open your eyes and sit up slowly.

2. Use a Throat Healing Tea

Chamomile honey is perfect for this! Boil yourself a cup and add a bit more honey, and drink up.

3. Open Up to Someone

Sit down, and effectively communicate with someone that you are close to. Try to use the right words to express yourself, and speak calmly. When the other person speaks back, listen to them without interruption. While this may be hard to do when you are blocked, it is possible. This is quite effective.

4. Begin Journaling

If words escape you verbally, you should still be able to write your feelings down. Once you have mastered journaling, you will find that it is easier to communicate verbally as well.

5. Make Sure You Are Drinking Enough Water

Drink at least eight glasses of clean water each day. If you smoke, workout, or eat salty foods, you can add a few glasses to balance it out. This will effectively cleanse negativity from the throat chakra.

6. Learn to Be Assertive

Holding yourself back out of fear to say what you think can leave you blocked in your throat chakra. However, if you can begin to speak up and stand up for yourself in an assertive manner instead of an aggressive manner, you can open it back up.

Even if you are only displaying one of the above-listed signs, you may still have a blockage. Try to begin cleansing it as well as communicating and connecting more with others. The more that we connect with other people, the more the blockage will decrease and you will find that you are relieved in a number of areas associated with physical and mental health.