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We all know about soulmates and how amazing they are supposed to be, right? You know the story from when you were a little girl, you’d meet the man of your dreams and he would fix all the messed up parts of your life?

Well, I believe that whole concept is BULLSHIT. Sure we can believe that there is someone out there in this world who makes us ‘whole’ but in doing that we are admitting to being incomplete from the start. We are not incomplete.

We are whole as we are and can live life without meeting our soulmate and be just fine. We can achieve oneness all on our own, the answers to our problems do not lie in another person. The answers lie within ourselves.

A soulmate is not and never has been a person who brings you peace by sacrificing their own. They are a person who will HELP you to find that light inside yourself. We meet people each and every day some of those people force us to pick up small pieces of ourselves, but they are not all our ‘soulmates.’

These people teach us to love ourselves as we are. A soulmate is someone who mirrors you but is a separate person. They will not pick up your pieces for you but they will make you want to pick them up yourself.

Your soulmate is not a choice, it is destiny. We can do this on our own but sometimes a little help is needed. You do not complete me, you bring strength to me.