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Whether you want to believe me or not dating is a game no matter how you look at it. Sometimes you win and other times you do not.

No one really wants to be playing this specific game but we are all stuck doing so. When it comes to winning this dating game of life you should always remember this very important rule, even when it is hard and even when he is so sexy that you can’t take your eyes off of him.

Don’t waste time on assholes.

It seems like the majority of single attractive guys are assholes so this is going to be a bit difficult at times. That is why I find it is easier to just be single, I can have whatever I want in life if I spend my free time with men who take batteries. I would gladly spend time at home watching Netflix by myself than out with some asshole who’s only interested in jumping my bones.

When I was younger I spent all my free time chasing guys, trying to find the perfect guy to settle down with. It seemed to be so important to me back then. But of course, that was before I had encountered an asshole. I found quickly that men often turn out to be douches and losers. I still sort of hate them all for wasting my time.

While these men were fun, in the beginning, they soon turned into quite the opposite. They stopped calling me back, or they simply disappeared altogether unless they were hoping for a booty call. Don’t let exes sneak back into your life when their relationships go awry. I made that mistake once and it still stings.

His name was Nick and we had been dating for months before things went south, when everything was said and done he had a new girl and I was left all alone. As soon as they hit a rough patch he snuck his way back into my bed, only to leave me for her days later. I was naive, that was my mistake.

There is no harm in playing the field if that is what you want to do but please be safe about it. Regardless of what you choose to do dating can be exhausting and in most cases, it is much more fun to be by yourself and enjoy your freedom. You don’t have to be completely closed off to be protected.

Just live your life for yourself and take each day as you feel you should. Your time is not something that should be wasted and men should know that before coming into your life. When you’re playing the game of dating it is important to make sure you are winning.