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Spend time on yourself instead of everyone else. This world is wonderful and exploring it is how you find yourself.

Realize your own worth before trying to find someone to love. Never settle for someone who doesn’t respect you. Don’t ever let yourself think you have to say yes to anything or anyone you don’t want to. Chances come and go every single day.

Stay single until you find someone who treats you right. Someone who stands up for you and is willing to fight for you. Someone who realizes that you are worth more than you think. Find someone who will make you more than aware they will be sticking around. Someone who will not mistreat you.

You deserve someone who won’t let go of your hand when you’re falling or jumping. Someone who never fails to be there for you when you need them and sticks around when things get rough, You deserve it.

You deserve time to get to know yourself before getting to know someone else in that way. You deserve to know true happiness and the meaning of self-love. But, you also deserve someone to cry on when you’re sad. Only look for love when you are ready and do not look for anything less than the best.

If he won’t fight for you, he isn’t worth it. This life is full of things that will forever be pushing against you. If you can find someone who is willing to fight for you and be there for you through all the things life throws your way, stay with them. They really care about you.

You deserve someone who loves you for all that you are. Don’t ever let yourself think differently. You are amazing in more ways that you know. Someone someday will come into your life and realize it.