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This Super New Moon is going to bring the start of a new cycle. However, you of all people should know that in order for this to happen the old must be cleared.

All of the events that stirred your energy around during the Scorpio Full Moon will be making their way into your past and we will clear away the old energy. That Full Moon as you know was quite intense and brought to the surface a lot of things that have been needing to be cleared away. Your journey has unfolded a lot since then.

The Super New Moon in June will make things feel intense, to say the least as the Moon is responsible for our deeper emotions and feelings. This Super New Moon falling in Gemini will guide us to focus on our thoughts and how we have been communicating with the world around us. Gemini energy is driven often by thought and therefore sometimes we will feel as though our thoughts are in a sense running away from us.


In a way, our thoughts are like a stream that floats above us. The thoughts we move towards are the ones in line with our vibrations and the ones that we don’t are. Your thoughts are not who you are, they do not technically even belong to you. The thoughts we hold onto cause us suffering. Clearing things out is important.

You should find comfort in knowing that the more positive you make your thoughts the better you will feel. Open your mind to positive and loving thoughts. Our choices have a huge direct impact on how we view our lives. We can either make or break ourselves.

This Super New Moon is definitely going to pull a few mind tricks on you so be aware. Keep your mind clear and positive if you wish to move forward. Everyone is going to be affected by this Moon differently so keep an open mind and go with the flow. Trust in yourself and the Universe, you will go down the correct path.