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Due to contrary belief, you may think that the alpha male is the one to go for. However, everyone needs an omega male in their life. Are you an omega male?

Although research on alpha, beta, sigma, and omega males isn’t technically scientifically grounded, there are loads of evidence that these are true characteristic groups. Each one carrying their own individual traits and personalities, it is important for you to know the difference!

Alpha males are typically perceived to be a strong, and beautiful man, while betas are typically passive and boring. Just as a reminder, Alpha, and beta are the first two letters of the greek alphabet. Omega is the last. While the beta is typically socially invisible, the omega is noticed, yet quiet and passive.

Omega males are supposed to be the exact opposite of alpha male. They have a couple or more of friends. Probably some few close acquaintances. Omega males are the kind of people who like to do things all by themselves and do not really mind if they are without a group. It isn’t often that they are referred to as the creepy ones. However, omega males possess a certain power. They are not interested in social status or popularity, which means they are usually more spiritually enlightened and more sure of who they really are. They are never ashamed of the person they are, and they are wonderful in relationships. Although communication might be an issue, the omega male will never betray you.

Whether you are an omega male, alpha male, beta male, or sigma male, you possess a certain set of abilities and strong suits. Don’t ignore them; they’re your greatest tool – and weapon.