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The June Solstice falls on the 20th-21st marking the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest in the Southern. The Summer Solstice is a time of outward and inward expansion like nothing else.

No matter where you live you can and will feel the energy of the Solstice when observing nature. In the North the days are sunny and nature is overly active and working while in the South the days are cold and nature is taking a break. Mother Earth is going to bless those who are in the North with high energy and get them out and about while those in the South will be reflecting.

Even though the difference in North and South are extreme they are both necessary. The cosmic energy will not be the same no matter where you live. Planets are preparing for the Super New Moon falling on June 23-24th and this will bring about a fresh new beginning. We are going to all be headed in a new direction. the Super New Moon energy and the Solstice energy combines is going to skyrocket us into deep thinking and so much more.

During this time we need to reflect on our lives and the lives we want to live. This intense energy is going to feel as if Heaven itself is beaming down on us. We will be stepping up to our full potential and bringing everything out into the light. This will reveal our true highest path.

Celebrate yourself and why you are where you are. This will be the perfect time to set your mind right to go after your dreams. Put your plans into action and get going! You will be more than happy once all is said and done. This Solstice is going to be bringing more positivity than you may be able to handle.

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