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Love is not something that happens as spontaneously as most people would like to believe. Sometimes instead of falling into it, it is something you willingly walk into.

When you think about love as something you fall into it makes you seem as if you lower yourself or end up stuck in something you can’t get out of. That should never be the case. Immature couples fall in love, mature couples walk into it with open arms. Love is not a passing game it is forever and that is why we have to be careful.

Immature couples have relationships filled with jealousy and frustration. Love should not be as hard as immature lovers make it out to be. Immature couples have a lot of growing to do and will not stand the test of time. Mature couples will boost each other up and communicate well. They will not get in the way of one another and trust each other completely.

Drama is for children and people who don’t know how to be in a relationship. Love doesn’t have to be wild and overwhelming it can be calm and understanding. Love should be the easiest thing you ever do in you life. It should be warm and open, keeping you happy and content in a safety blanket of positivity. Love happens naturally, you shouldn’t be fighting day in and day out to keep your relationship from falling apart.

An immature relationship will be terrifying and gut-wrenching at times. It will take much more than it gives and leaves you feeling empty. When you love someone you shouldn’t have to doubt their feelings for you. You should be at peace in your mind.

A mature relationship is something that makes you feel free and secure while an immature relationship leaves you wanting something and looking for more. You should not have to be afraid to be yourself around your partner. They should know you inside and out. All of your flaws and weaknesses should make them love you even more. Immature relationships are built on something fake and are not as comfortable as mature ones. They are judgmental and stressful and there is no sense in it.

An immature relationship is lacking in many ways. It is missing something and leaves both parties worrying. Mature relationships don’t have this problem. Instead, they are fulfilling. They fill up the cracks of their past with each other. Mature couples are well aware that they are two separate people and do not try to become one person. They know that they are not incomplete on their own.

Immature couples are looking for something that they will never be able to find. They are still trying to find themselves and for some reason feel like they will be complete if they are in a relationship but that is not how it works. You cannot have a healthy relationship with two people who are unhealthy themselves. An immature relationship is an incomplete relationship.

Nothing good will come of it. Learn to love yourself and find out who you really are before you try to get into any kind of relationship. Love is something that should happen naturally and at its own pace. Just wait and when the time comes you will feel it, you will be able to walk into love with open arms if you stop searching for it.

We all have a past and just because you have been in a few immature relationships before does not mean you are incapable of being in a mature relationship. Stop refusing to see beyond the past. Look beyond the flaws and into the future. Something fantastic could be coming your way. An Immature relationship is just a sad version of a mature relationship. It may feel good at first but in the end, it will shatter you.