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Next time you ask someone for their zodiac sign you may feel a bit closer than usual. Our sex lives and secret kinks are all linked with our signs.

Aries (Sadist Games)

This sign is full of power-hungry sadist, especially the women. They will go to a whole new level when it comes to kinky game playing.

Taurus (Shit Play)

This group loves the natural smell of their partners and the scent that each other’s bodies give off. Some of them take this a bit extreme and are very into something known as shit play. Sure sounds messy but to each their own.

Gemini (Toys)

This is definitely not the kinkiest sign, they love to incorporate toys and such into their sex lives. These toys allow them to experience more things during the process and without a doubt prevents boredom.

Cancer (Role Play)

Cancer’s love dressing up and playing with their partners. They are quite secretive about this for the most part but if you ever get involved with cancer you are definitely in for some fun.

Leo (Home Movies)

This sign loves for their partner to let them shine in the bedroom and they have a thing for making home movies. They won’t be with you if you aren’t down to be in front of the camera. A submissive partner is very important to cancer.

Virgo (Foreplay)

This sign focuses on giving and expects to get everything they give back in return. If you don’t enjoy giving oral you may wanna steer clear of Virgos. Foreplay is their favorite part.

Libra (Punishment)

This sign enjoys being punished some on a small scale and others on a much larger scale. Some will even go so far as to enjoy watching their partner sleep with someone else. They will study their partner intensely and do what is needed to please them.

Scorpio (Sex Addict)

When having intercourse with someone from this sign you will get everything you want and so much more. They will teach you how to orgasm in ways you never thought were possible.

Sagittarius (Too Many Partners)

This sign is one you should steer clear from, they want to introduce new people to their sexual endeavors as frequently as possible and still remain possessive of their partners. They want the freedom to be themselves all the while having multiple partners who are not allowed to do the same. Sure being with this sign is thrilling but it is not worth it if you’re not into fighting for attention.

Capricorn (Can Go For Hours)

Capricorns have above average stamina and enjoy dominance as well as control. They will punish their partners with many different toys and in most cases need little to no foreplay.

Aquarius (Experimental)

This sign will try just about anything when it comes to sex. They are always looking for new ways to please themselves and others. Don’t be afraid to suggest something you would want to try to them, chances are they will want to try it as well.

Pisces (Roleplay Prostitution)

They eat this up, some even go so far as to opt for the real thing. They need to be needed and find it difficult to say no in the bedroom. Their only goal is to give their partner exactly what they want. Pisces want their partners to depend on them to fulfill their needs.