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Daddy issues can be really serious. When it comes to children these issues can cause problems for them later on in life that we might not normally notice.

Growing up dealing with an absent father is not easy and it can really take hold of a child’s life. They end up having problems when it comes to a number of things like dating, making friends, and so forth. Not all children without fathers end up with these issues but it does take a toll on all of them whether we see the problems or not.

These children either end up looking for guidance in another place or even turn out to be ‘momma’s boys’ to the extreme. Single parent households can work and are unavoidable but there always needs to be a father figure in the picture whether it is a grandpa or even an uncle. Single parents are some of the strongest people you will even encounter as they take this whole thing on and do it all on their own. If you grew up in a single-parent home please make sure your mother or whoever took care of you knows that you love them.

Children who grow up without father figures have the following:

  • An increased suicide rate.
  • An increased rate of depression and anxiety.
  • An increased rate of incarceration.
  • An increased rate of divorce and relationship issues.
  • An increased rate of substance abuse.
  • An increase in social and mental behavioral issues.

and the list goes on…

Absent fathers can do much more damage than they would ever think. These things are hard to work though in a lot of cases and These children are born with a hole in their hearts and they will do what it takes to fill that hole as cheesy as that sounds. For more information on the effects growing up fatherless can have on a child please take the time to watch the video below.

If you have a father figure in your life that has been there for you since you were young whether it is your real dad, step dad, or granddad make sure they know that you appreciate them and if you don’t, remember that you are amazing and you deserve someone who loves you unconditionally. This cycle of father absence needs to stop.