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Each letter of the alphabet has a numerical value, and each number carries its own qualities, attributes, energies, and vibrations. This difference in vibration can impact your individuality, personality, and even your destiny!

This is the reason why parents often have such a difficult time selecting a name, they can sense the vibrations subconsciously. This allows them to select a name which carries the vibrational signature of your entire life – past, present, and future. Here is what the first letter of your name reveals about you:

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If Your Name Starts With A

You are a very level-headed and practical individual, with the ability to think through any situation that may come your way. You are strong, independent and goal oriented. There is no distracting you from the task at hand when you set your eyes on a goal, you will achieve it! You have a serious personality and no desire, or patience, for flirting, or for trying to win over someone who is cute, coy and demure. When looking for a partner, you need to find someone who will always have your back, regardless of what you may face.

If Your Name Starts With B

You are highly emotional and romantic. If anyone knows how to love, it is you! You enjoy exchanging frivolous gifts with your partner as you feel like it is proof of true love. You are kind and caring, and value the company of your friends and family above all else. You feel the need to be pampered, and need to find a partner who will do that for you, however, you also want to pamper them back from time to time. You only feel ‘complete’ when you are in a relationship, and strongly dislike being on your own.

If Your Name Starts With C

You are a very sociable and kind person, with a love for surrounding yourself with people who express adoration for you, whether it is family, friends or your partner. You require loyalty in life and are easily hurt. You are a natural talker, who will turn on their fairness, logic and gentle wit during an argument. Between your ‘facts’ and your natural eloquence, very few can beat you on the debate floor. You are able to control your feelings well, however, you do require that your partner expresses their love regularly and openly.

If Your Name Starts With D

You have a strong desire to care for others and solve their problems, often putting you in a leadership or caretaker role when you enter a group. You do everything in life with a high level of sincerity and sensitivity, wearing your heart on your sleeve. You love hard, which can sometimes lead to intense feelings of jealousy and overprotectiveness. It is important to control you temper, which is not always easy!

If Your Name Starts With E

Your strongest skill is your communication abilities. Both compassionate and gentle, you approach every situation in a way that will allow you to reach an agreeable consensus while also maintaining the wellbeing and happiness of all parties involved. This is due to the fact that your strong communication skills not only encompass your ability to speak confidently, but also the fact that you are an amazing listener. You are extremely loyal to your partner, and expect loyalty in return.

If Your Name Starts With F

You are a sensitive and generous romantic, eager for love as it is depicted in the movies. When you promise true love, you genuinely mean that you will do everything in your power to make it a reality. While you are very kind hearted, in the event that someone hurts you, then you will look for revenge. You are highly optimistic, and love to share your sense of humor with anyone you encounter.

If Your Name Starts With G

You hold tight to a highly idealistic view of the world around you and the people in it, which makes you very difficult to please. You are highly intuitive and rely heavily on your own gut instincts. Both philosophical and analytical, you need to be careful not to bore those around you with your continual overanalyzing of everything you do. You likely find yourself drawn to religion. You highly prioritize the duties and responsibilities in your life, sometimes forgetting to have fun or connect with the people you hold dear.

If Your Name Starts With H

You place strong importance on happiness and joy in your life. This ensures that you live your life to the fullest, enjoying every moment. You are both a sensitive and patient lover and are extremely generous with your partner. You do have a strong set of beliefs and morals which you are not willing to compromise. You are a wealth of practical knowledge, and for that reason, others rely heavily on you.

If Your Name Starts With I

If you have a name starting with the letter you live a life of elegance and style and are drawn to careers in art and fashion. You are very in tune with your emotions and require a lover that will please you emotionally, financially and morally. You struggle with commitment, which means that your relationships are usually short-lived. You are highly materialistic, and this can drive many decisions that you make in life.

If Your Name Starts With J

You are highly ambitious and have a natural gift in the area of finances. This will lead you to become involved in many financial deals with your friends and family, and your golden touch usually leads these deals to success. While you would like to believe in the ideas of romance and life, you doubt that it is real. You are intellectually driven and need a partner who can either match your mind or exceed it.

If Your Name Starts With K

You are a shy individual. This can sometimes leave you feeling lonely, and longing for connection. You have a small and tight circle of friends; however, you will do nearly anything or those that have found their way into your heart. You have a very commercially driven mind, which allows you to excel in the world of business. You do not play games with your love interests, and will not tolerate games from your partner. You are willing to wait however long it may take to find the right partner for marriage.

If Your Name Starts With L

You are highly attracted to the magic of love, and value your romantic conquests above all else. You may just be the person who wrote the dictionary of love! You desperately need to know that your partner loves and appreciates you, and without it, you will go in search of that love and affection elsewhere. You love adventure and new experiences and need to find a partner who will enjoy them with you.

If Your Name Starts With M

You have an idea of the ‘perfect partner’ and will not settle until you mold your partner into just that image. You can be heavily critical, and this may drive your partner away if you don’t keep it in check. You sometimes struggle with expressing your emotions, with creates a divide between you and the people in your life. You believe you are right, at all times, regardless of facts or information. You are selfish, living in the moment for you and you alone, often forgetting about your family and friends in the process.

If Your Name Starts With N

You are highly energetic and artistic. This creativity can lead to an eccentricity that may drive your partners away. You desire a life of freedom in all areas and are hesitant to commit to anything that may stand in the way of that including a romantic relationship. You tend to rush through life, often forgetting to slow down and enjoy the moments that are passing you by.

If Your Name Starts With O

You are a regular renaissance man or woman, with skills in many different areas and activities. You don’t like to stay single long, viewing your relationships as a serious project and priority that requires your time and effort. You are always ready to try something new or meet new people. Life, for you, is an adventure worth living!

If Your Name Starts With P

You are a highly mature individual who values your image, not daring to misbehave for fear of jeopardizing your reputation. You want to be seen as smart, elegant and good looking, and spend an overwhelming amount of time, energy and money in order to accomplish this. You struggle with seeing your partner as an enemy at times, which means a single fight can be all it takes to end your relationship. You are a social person and need human interaction in order to be happy.

If Your Name Starts With Q

You are a passionate individual with strong opinions, however, as a black and white thinker, you refuse to believe that any opinion outside of your own has merit. You have a unique personality and are viewed a trendsetter. Others are drawn to your strong energy and enthusiasm for life. You are highly romantic and need flowers and romantic hearts in order to feel your partner’s love.

If Your Name Starts With R

You struggle with your feelings of self-love and worth at times, constantly working in order to correct and change your behavior and better yourself. You are highly intelligent and need to find your intellectual match in a partner in order for it to last. You often find yourself questioning whether you deserve your partner’s affection, and work hard to prove that you do. You are extremely open-minded, and one of the least judgmental people in your circle (with the exception of your judgment of yourself).

If Your Name Starts With S

You live by the theory that all work and no play makes you a dull individual, prioritizing pleasure before work at every turn. While you are jealous and possessive at times, you are sincere and highly respect your partner. You take your romantic life seriously and are willing to wait until you find the perfect match. Generous, peaceful and loveable, you not only make a great romantic partner, but also an amazing friend!

If Your Name Starts With T

You are full of feelings and emotions; however, they are constantly moving and changing. This has a heavy impact on your love life, as you get in and out of relationships so quickly that you never truly get to know your romantic partners on a deeper level. You have your own way of living, one that you have created and perfected over the years, and you don’t like having to change it for anyone. Highly stubborn, you don’t take advice from anyone, even if that advice could legitimately save your life. Try to remember this, and don’t underestimate the opinions of others.

If Your Name Starts With U

You value pleasure in life, however only truly feel it when you are in love. When you are single, you are focused on only one thing, finding someone that you can love and adore. When you are in a relationship, your partner is your priority above and beyond all else. You enjoy new challenges and adventures, but only if you can experience them with the one that you love. You enjoy giving gifts to friends, family, and partners spontaneously as you take great joy in their reactions.

If Your Name Starts With V

You require freedom and excitement in your life, or you quickly become bored. You are extremely handy, often finding that you are the one your friends and family contact when they need something fixed around the house. You are loyal and love, with an extremely kind heart. Having been heart broken before, you are cautious when it comes to new partners. You will wait and take the time to discover a potential partner’s weaknesses prior to making any promises or commitments. This is your way of trying to avoid being blindsided down the road if something does not work out.

If Your Name Starts With W

You are a very strong and charismatic individual who refuses to accept ‘No!’ as an answer. You hold your cards close to your chest when it comes to those you love, giving the impression that you live life as a loner, however, the truth is that you value friendship above all else. You are generous, and love to care for those that you consider important in your life. When you find a partner, you are an expert in surprises and love games, always keeping them on their toes and smiling.

If Your Name Starts With X

You live a life of sheer excitement, always on the search for your next big thrill. This carries through to your relationships, making it difficult for you to commit to any one person. You often have multiple relationships on the go at any given time. This doesn’t mean that you don’t genuinely feel for each of the people you are seeing, you just get bored in a single relationship for too long. You think very highly of yourself, believing that you are gifted in anything that you choose to do. You also believe you are very good at multitasking, however, this can sometimes lead to you feeling extremely overwhelmed with all that you have taken on.

If Your Name Starts With Y

You are a very sensitive person, and can be hurt easily by anyone that you trust to have a role in your life. This fear of being hurt leads you to try to control every aspect of your life, including your romantic relationships. Your over-controlling ways push your partners away, leaving you with a less than successful love life. Try to take a step back and let go even a little bit, trusting that you chose your partner for a reason! You highly value the opinions of others, always working to prove yourself in life. Your mind is highly inventive, with a healthy imagination, which attracts you to all things quirky in life.

If Your Name Starts With Z

While you try hard not to show your feelings easily, you are a highly romantic individual. You want to find that one special person to spend your life with, and will work hard to please your partner at every stage of your relationship. You enjoy feeling helpful and needed, and try to lend a hand to everyone around you when the opportunity presents itself. This gives you a feeling of value in the lives of others, which in turn gives you great pride.