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When you think of someone who is stuck in a toxic relationship what comes to mind? Someone who is weak, pitiful, who does not have a sense of self-worth?

You think they do not walk away because they choose to stay in the situation as if there is nothing better out there, right? Well, not everyone who is in a toxic relationship is weak, I know that much. They are strong because they wake up every day and they make it through not knowing how things are going to be, but the strongest are those who leave. They are strong for coming out alive on the other side of all of this.

As a person who has seen the chaos that a toxic relationship entails and lived through it, I know I am strong. We were both no good for each other. There is no easy reason as to why things were as toxic as they were, but they were. You can only try so much. After awhile you both come to see that things are better if you part. Sometimes one person realizes this long before the other but that is just how things go.

In a sense you become addicted to the person you’re with, even though they are toxic you can’t help but want more and more of them. You find comfort in the very thing that tears you apart.When you become numb to all the negative things going on should be a clear sign that it has been well past time to leave.

It takes a lot to leave a toxic relationship. You are leaving behind someone you love with all that you are and that is never easy. You invest all of your time and energy into this person only to hang up the phone and move on with your life. It is not easy giving up someone you spent so long fighting through hell for.

Life after a toxic relationship is full of questions. You wake up every day wondering where to go from here, you throw a lot of yourself into work hoping it will help ease your mind, but you just don’t stop thinking. You think about where he is and where you are. You go over where you would be if things had been different and how things weren’t different. You may hate the other person for awhile or try to anyway.

Toxic relationships are hard to get over because they were not bad the whole time. They had their good points and that is what makes you more connected to them. There is a reason as to why people tolerate bad things sometimes. Living after a toxic relationship is not necessarily the hard part, having a relationship after a toxic relationship is.

I wonder if the next will be the same or if there is a secret motive to everything, some girl on the side, something to cause a fight, anything. I have trouble trusting and I know it is our fault. Normal relationships are not screaming and fighting. Not like what we had. It is hard to stop myself from pushing people away but I’m trying.

You could compare life after a toxic relationship to recovery in a sense. You have to admit there is a problem and fix it, you have to find yourself and leave behind the thing causing you all this disaster. Sometimes people are not meant to be with you forever, but you are stronger for having met them.