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You remember that mistake all too well, he was everything you ever wanted in a relationship, right? But for some reason, things just fell apart.

The initial breakup was more than enough to tear you apart but the months to come broke you even more-so. You were shattered into a million tiny pieces every sad song on the radio, that was you. You thought there was no way you could ever love again, but you were wrong.

You told yourself that you needed to learn from that mistake but you didn’t know where to go from there. You would rather go back in time and never love him at all than learning the lesson he was meant to teach you. The reason that love was there was meant to break you from the start. The pain and suffering you went through were all for a reason. It paved the path for you to find who you were meant to be with.

You are meant to go through something that will make you question your very existence in order for you to realize what true love really is. You can only be truly healed on the day that you accept the truth to what love is. You need to question everything until you get to that point and in your case you did. You found someone and you told yourself the truth that you knew this time it would be different.

The mistakes of today shape us for the reality of tomorrow. The pain you have gone through showed you what you didn’t want and didn’t need in this life. It shaped who you are and allowed you to realize what you really want.

The perfect man isn’t going to be the first one you come across, sometimes finding him takes time. You have to embrace the bad so that the good can find you. The love you will find will overshadow everything you thought you once had. It will feel so much different.

There is no easy way to explain this because most people won’t understand until it is something they are facing head on. You will find comfort in this life, you will be loved. Love sometimes comes from the most unexpected places. You will be glad that you made the mistakes you did, you would not be where you are if you had not made them.

You know now what matters the most to you and where you need to go from here. Sure, it takes time and the pain is something you will think you cannot get through, but you can and you will. You are amazing and wonderful in every single way. You will find true love and it will flow like a river calming you through the storm. Don’t be scared, there are truly fantastic things to come and you deserve every bit of happiness that goes along with it.