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The zodiac is a system of signs and their symbols based on the timeframe in which you were born. Of course, the Mayan system is quite similar, however, it has been referred to as one of the most forward-thinking kinds of astrology for its time.

According to the Mayan Astrology, there are 19 different zodiac categories that one can fall into. However, due to the cultural differences between current societies and the Mayan society, there is quite a bit of mystery surrounding the exact meaning behind the various signs. Much of the meanings and symbols used in the Mayan zodiac were important to their culture.

Ch’en is representative of the night, and often represents those who are night owls. If you fall under this sign, your most productive times will be from 9 pm until 4 am. Anything pertaining to night time resonates with you, from nocturnal animals like the Owl, to the moon in the sky. Also, night time colors, like black and dark blues are suited to you.

Those who fall under the Yax sign are open, loving and very giving to others. When needed, they will drop anything to help, however, they are not fans of confrontation. Instead, they are lovers of peace and are always trying to sort out the conflicts of others.


The Sak has the special ability to be able to get up and go at any given moment. They are confident go-getters that love life. Any challenges that come their way are met with gusto, and they are not afraid of taking risks.

Kehs are all about balance. They seek peace and serenity and steer clear of arguments and drama. Kehs are also known for mothering others, and can often be observed as they seek to bring peace and tranquility to those around them.

Maks can be quite confusing, as they are mysterious and secretive individuals. If you fall under this sign, it is likely that you keep most of your thoughts and personal life to yourself, until you get to know others enough to let them in. However, Maks do enjoy the company of others and are quite social.

K’ank’ins are representative of the sun and earth, and due to this, they love nature. Anything outdoorsy calls their name, and they also have the urge to travel constantly.

Muwans are a sign that is perfectly balanced between fire and water. They love thunderstorms, as they perfectly combine these two elements, and usually after such a storm, they are filled with strength. Muwans feel that it is important to be upfront and truthful when they are not happy.

Pax signs are lucky individuals. With their spirit animal being the Jaguar, they are strong, graceful and wise, which makes them the perfect candidate for leadership.

Keyabs have a deep connection to the moon and to their spirituality. They are very understanding individuals that think quite deeply about everything. Because of this, they make wonderful problem solvers.

Kumk’us resonate with the crocodile which means that they have immense survival instincts that allow them to adapt to almost any situation. They can start over at any given moment, and quickly rebuild themselves.

The Wayeb sign is a very otherworldly creature that is in tune with their spirituality, heaven, reincarnation and all other life. While they only encompass a five-day window, they are quite rare and are unique to the Mayan zodiac.

Pops excel in leadership and are very good at meeting their goals and completing projects. Furthermore, they make wonderful friends that people seem to gravitate towards.

Wo is also a night time sign that has leadership capabilities along with strong survival instincts. If you fall under this category, if you are going through a hard time, take a walk at night. It will help to balance you out.

Sip signs are associated with fire and air, which means they are gentle and graceful, but in a very passionate manner. While they can be quite upfront and dominant, they are also highly introverted and reserved.

Zotz are associated with the bat and the fish, which are two completely different beings, but both can move efficiently in their environments. They are sensitive and intuitive individuals that are not judgemental at all.

The Sek is likely to become fascinated with everything above them, as they are highly connected to the Earth and the sky. They are very practical individuals that can quickly come up with a plan of action when necessary.

The Xul is someone who is very stable spiritually, and display very optimistic mindsets. They are quite loyal and affectionate and deeply care about everyone that they are close to.

If you are a Yaxk’in you are more connected to the Mayan Sun God named Ah Kin than any other sign. As a natural born healer, you can be quite helpful to those closest to you.

The Mol may be the most unique of any of the signs. They have a strong ability to quickly bounce back from any situation as a stronger person. They love the rainfall, and nothing balances them more than sitting outside during a rainstorm and allowing it to cleanse their spirit.