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When it comes to colors they do a whole lot more than we would think. Colors of the light spectrum influence things like our mood as well as our behavior.

According to a survey done back in 1997 by Cooper Marketing Group, almost forty percent of people have blue as their favorite color followed by green as a close second. This is believed to be because blue and green have an overly calming and positive effect on people. When you get to the root of it. We could even relate this back to history as for years ago we went with blue and green as food and water.

Some people like different colors in different seasons and so forth this is because of our lives transitioning from one place to the next. As we evolve as people our favorite colors along with all of our other preferences will change as well. Our favorite colors say a lot about us.

What does your favorite color say about you?



Blue, as I mentioned above, is calming and those who appreciate it are often people who can talk to anyone. These people tend to be more emotional which is not a bad thing.



People who like pink tend to be overly joyful and always try their best to make others happy. They are outgoing in more ways than you would think and they make the best of every situation. These people would give you the shirt off of their back if they needed to.



People who love the color purple are generally more intuitive than others. These people can sense things that are not as here as we think they are. They have a thirst for knowledge and are usually fun to be around. If you identify with a higher mental plane then chances are your favorite color is purple.



Those who are fond of green are oftentimes connected to their hearts far too closely. They often let others pull on their heart strings and pretend it doesn’t bother them. These people are great healers and can listen like there is no tomorrow.



If orange is your color then you are most likely very creative and love spending time outside adventuring. These people are very down-to-earth and most have a very healthy sex life. You can’t go wrong with orange. If you like fun and outgoing individuals find someone who likes the color orange.



People who like this color are often quite powerful. They tend to make good business people as well as great leaders. Sure, sometimes they can seem pretty stubborn but they are also wise beyond their years. Those who like yellow are often much smarter than others.

Black, Brown, Gray, or Red


People who associate with this color are very energetic and while they have a rough exterior they have a soft heart that needs protecting. Passion is something that drives you and there are tons of people that can see that.

What is your favorite color and where do you stand according to the words above? My favorite color is purple and after reading this I don’t think I could have picked a better explanation myself. Enjoy!