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Gratitude is extremely important in so many different aspects. Gratitude should be practiced by everyone, it’s the only way to truly be happy!

We have so much in the modern day world that we forget to stop and wonder where it all came from. We walk all over each other dazed and confused in an interweb of socially disconnected people who have forgotten what their true purpose is. Gratitude is an extremely important component of our everyday lives, and it can improve your own life in many different ways.

Most people have the wrong perception of what gratitude really is and what it is for. We think gratitude is for other people, ones who do nice things for us. At least, that’s the way it’s used in modern day society. However, gratefulness is so much more than this. Being grateful is a mental tool that we can use to remind ourselves of the awesome things we have in life. It reminds us of the good things that we already have, instead of the things we don’t have. Without gratefulness, you will be stuck in an endless cycle of take, take, take, and before you know it, you’ll lose your appreciation in everything.

Gratefulness is a lens that helps us see the things that don’t make it on the problems to be solved list. When we share gratitude it is a spotlight of positive energy that we shine on other people. Sharing gratitude could cause a chain reaction to change the world. Ready to start appreciating the real things in life, and stop stressing out about what we need to fix? Start with the tips below. These are traits of grateful people.

They Think About Death and Loss from Time to Time

 When you contemplate on endings it can give you a revitalized perception on the present. You think more clearly about the things that are truly important, and more crucially, the things you had instead of things you want. You never notice the things we have every day until they are gone, and this is taking something for granted. The point of the matter is, thinking about death, the end, the finish line, can give you a fresh view of what is really important in your life and all of the amazing things you already have.

They Smell the Roses

 People who practice gratitude take the time to stop and smell the roses along the way. Appreciation is the sibling of gratitude, and one comes with the other. Gratuitous people have a tendency to enjoy things more and associate more meaning to the things around them. We crave things and once we get it, it’s simply put aside subconsciously. We are never as obsessed with having things as much as we are with wanting things; it’s really something to think about.

The Good Things are Gifts, Not Birthrights

People who are actually thankful for the things they have realized that it could all be taken away from them at any given second. People these days have formed a bad habit of assuming they are entitled to things. People think the world owes them something, and it’s just not the way it is. Privileges can be taken away, and when they are you’ll be left with a rude awakening.

They’re Grateful for People, Relationships, and Life – Not Just Things

We don’t just have things to be grateful for. We take people for granted and forget that everyone has a limited amount of time here. Grateful people really watch their actions when it comes to the people they love. You never know when you’re going to lose an important person in your life. You should treat every goodbye like it is the last.

They Mention The Real Stuff

 When people are truly grateful, they’re not just trying to obtain a benefit from it. Being thankful does not come with a red ribbon, so don’t go around throwing fake compliments and made up conversation with people. Instead of saying, “You’re so cool, I love you,” you’d instead say, “You’re the best for rubbing my back. You have no idea how much it helps me, and you’re sweet enough to do it even though you’re extremely tired. Thank you.”

They Think Outside the Box

If you don’t think outside the box today you’ll find yourself trapped in there. Society forces us to conform and it can control the way we think, especially today. People who are grateful don’t just think what society tells them to think. They think about the true essence of life, purpose, and what they really should be doing.

They Don’t Take Advantage of People

Grateful people are some of the best people to have around you. They radiate with positivity and they can promote good vibes in any situation. They never take advantage of people because they value and appreciate the true beauty of every single soul. They’d never abuse the