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How many times have you cared so much, only to have your heart smashed to pieces? While giving a fuck can oftentimes lead to pain and turmoil, I can’t name a single time that not giving a fuck put me in a bad situation.

Actually, not giving a fuck has saved me from a lot of heartaches, and from being run over by people who didn’t deserve my fucks. And as I have gotten older, I have grown to admire that special breed of woman that says what she thinks without filter. The type of woman that can walk away from any situation that doesn’t serve her, and not even shed a tear. This is the type of person I have strived to be, and while many would say that my life goals are a bit off, I tend to disagree.

You see, it is the women who have let go of what society asks of them, and instead do what they want that make the world go round.
Not giving a fuck about issues and people that don’t matter doesn’t mean that you don’t give a fuck about everything. Actually, on the contrary, when you aren’t wasting your fucks on situations and people that don’t deserve them, you have more meaningful fucks to give to those that do.

Not giving a fuck is an art that can be learned by anyone. It’s actually quite simple: start living a life that makes you feel satisfied. Do the things that you enjoy, and that make you successful. This way, when some asshole rejects you, or someone treats you disrespectfully, you will realize that it doesn’t matter. In the end, none of that dumb shit matters. You may begin to realize that you have spent much of your life giving a fuck when it didn’t matter. All those situations and people we have spent hours worried about, the ones that fucked us over and did nothing but hurt us, those fucks were wasted.

And once you stop wasting your fucks, your entire life will change. Your goals will start to revolve around the things that YOU care about. You will stop seeking everyone’s approval. You will find that you are actually happy and content in your state of not giving a fuck. In turn, you may notice that the people who deserve your fucks will benefit, and those that don’t will be removed from your life with a quickness.

Something amazing will happen, and your life will actually be YOUR life. Some people may not like the change, and many will even accuse you of not caring. However, those are probably the people that you don’t need to waste your fucks on anyways. Everyone else will see a change take place within you that they will admire you for. Your lack of fucks will give you a special sort of strength that takes guts to achieve.

So, why don’t you start today? Be the bad bitch you always wanted to be. Sleep in your makeup, and wear it around the next day. Rip off your shirt and howl at the moon. Get a little too drunk and fall down. Tell that loser that keeps using you to fuck off. Smile at a stranger. Color your hair pink. And eat those french fries. Life is too short to spend worrying about dumb shit.