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Did you know there were two types of each sign? There are those who are completely true to the description of their sign and then there are others who were born so close to another sign that their characteristics clash.

If you have always found your zodiac reading to be off, the reason above is likely why. After reading this you may feel like you fit into your sign much better. There are tons of variations of each one and whether we realize it or not no two people of the same sign are exactly alike. We all have other traits outside of our sign as well.

Aries Type One:

You have a bad temper and will not back down from a fight. While you are quiet most of the time you can be loud and terrifying. People often are intimidated by you and you do not quite understand why for some reason.

Aries Type Two:

You are beautiful and people look up to you. You can be selfish but most look past it because they see being in your life as a privilege. You can take care of yourself but love to be in the spotlight. You are one of the most driven signs and will always make sure the work gets done even if you have to be a bit bossy.

Taurus Type One:

You are lazy when it comes to anything except work. You would rather spend your free time watching Netflix at home than out with friends. While you are reliable if it weren’t for your kind heart you wouldn’t be.

Taurus Type Two:

You are pretty chill and laid back but don’t joke when it comes to finances. You have a temper that no one can take on and will destroy anyone who gets in your way when you’re pissed. You are self-reliant and not lacking in the common sense department at all. Others often come to you for advice.

Gemini Type One:

You are a back-stabbing two-faced bitch and everyone around you knows it or at least is aware of your potential. You will talk to those around you as if you are all best friends only to go behind them and start shit with their other friends or even their significant others. You are always surrounded by people yet no one really likes you.

Gemini Type Two:

You are a bit moody and can be offended easily but make a wonderful friend. You are loyal and do not take advantage of others. You are a social butterfly and will not let anyone keep you from doing the things you want to do in life. Now, that being said some days all you want to do is lounge in bed with some candy and there is nothing wrong with that.

(Yes, the Gemini can be evil and mischievous or the Gemini can be a total sad-bean sweetheart.)

Cancer Type One:

You are too protective of those you care about. You shelter people for far too long and get in the way of the mistakes they need to make in order to learn life lessons. You let people take advantage of you and need to be more assertive in your own life. You need to try to live for yourself not other people.

Cancer Type Two:

You are super sassy and while you care about the people around you, you won’t let their needs interfere with your own unless it is reasonable. You have your life figured out and you will gladly be there for those who matter but they will not be taking advantage of you.

Leo Type One:

You are obnoxious and overly self-absorbed. Nothing in this world matters to you except yourself. You do not think about anyone’s well-being but your own and you are a dick. People hate you but are forced to pretend to like you because of the high position you hold.

Leo Type Two:

You love yourself and the spotlight but do not mind helping others from time to time. You are funny and outgoing and willing to teach and learn instead of pretending to know something you do not. You are insecure about some things but not to the point where is consumes you.

Virgo Type One:

You are extremely organized and a bit selfish. You do not like to deal with people unless they are friends and you will not spend too much time outside of your room. You are a hard worker and tend to worry far more than you should.

Virgo Type Two:

You love casual hookups and are good at finding solutions to problems. While you do not show it you are actually pretty emotional and have quite the hidden wild side.

Libra Type One:

You prefer meaningful long relationships and will not waste your time on any flings or games. You are quick to admit you are in the wrong and will always correct your mistakes. You are a great negotiator who tends to talk a lot of people out of doing stupid things.

Libra Type Two:

You are always paying close attention to things and know a lot more than you will let on. You are hard to say no to and sometimes come off as a mean person. A little bit too often you use your brains as a means to get the upper hand in situations that do not matter, I guess that makes you a bit petty.

Scorpio Type One:

You are super sexy and love to chase after people. The game of romance is one you have mastered but you don’t like to stick to one person for too long. Once someone else catches your eye you are over it and on to the next. All the while, you are a bit of an emotional train wreck.

Scorpio Type Two:

You are sensual and do wonderfully in relationships as long as the fires of passion do not burn out. You have a wonderful sense of humor and people love your sarcastic ways. People are drawn to you and you love the attention.

Sagittarius Type One:

You travel too much and love to do anything you consider fun. You are emotionally detached and never settle down with one person. While you have gained a lot of wisdom in your travels you still have no idea when it comes to implementing it.

Sagittarius Type Two:

You love to have travel buddies and are more than okay with settling down in one place from time to time for a bit. You are a free spirit that is more connected with this world than most. You are kind and loving and will help those who need help no matter what that means for you.

Capricorn Type One:

You are an ignorant jerk who spends too much time working and not enough time in the real world. You think that the way you think is the only way of thinking and will not even consider any other way. You have a lot of things to deal with and until you do that you will never be truly happy.

Capricorn Type Two:

You are harsh with your words when angry and go back later to fact check things. Your word is good and you can be counted on when needed. You hate having to wait as you do not have much patience and have unrealistic standards for everything.

Aquarius Type One:

You are always thinking for yourself and maintaining an open mind. You are a terrible liar and often giggle half way through. You are more creative than most other signs and people often think you are a bit out of this world.

Aquarius Type Two:

You are independent and self-reliant to an extreme. You hate asking others for help and will go to great lengths to avoid having to do so. People tend to misunderstand you and no one can predict your actions. You learn from your past mistakes and never make the same one twice. There is nothing you cannot do if you put your mind to it. But, you should realize that sometimes we all need a little help.

Pisces Type One:

You are too sensitive for your own good and have the biggest heart. You always seem to bring out the best in those around you and people think of you as a wonderful friend. You are intuitive and always follow your instincts. You will not let someone stay in your life that has shitty intentions.

Pisces Type Two:

You are guarded and with good reason, you know how shitty people can be. You are a dreamer and tend to spend lots of time alone playing video games or watching anime. You are a deeply emotional creature that demands attention when in a relationship and are quite remarkable, to say the least.