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Sure sometimes it is easy to tell if a guy likes you or not, but depending on the guy you might be getting some mixed signals. Guys are just confusing sometimes.

If you want to figure out what a guy in your life is trying to tell you knowing his sign can help tremendously. Don’t obsess over it just sit back breathe and read what his sign says. He might not be as into you as you originally thought.


He will go out of his way to make contact with you. This can sometimes be in the form of insults or minor office joking but it is how he does things. He wants to get your attention but does not know how to go about doing so.


He will come out and let you know he is interested. He will listen to you and tell you what he thinks no matter what. You might feel like he can read you better than anyone else.


He will always try to make you laugh and spend time with you. You will know when this sign is making a move because of how vocal they are about their intentions.


If he introduces you to his family then he is very serious about you. Cancer’s are very family oriented usually so they won’t just bring any ole date back home.


He will make it known that he is interested. You will be showered with gifts and made to feel like a princess. He will actually share the spotlight with you which is something he does with no one else.


They will open up around you. When you guys are alone things will be completely different than when you are in a group. They like you a lot so chances are they will come off as nervous but that happens to the best of us.


He will become your new best friend. He will not be able to get your off of his mind so it is normal for him to want to get close to you and spend time with you. He is a bit shy so sometimes he is friend zoned too quickly which is what we want to avoid. Make a move.


He will want to get to know you on a very deep intense level. He will come out and let you know he is interested because it is in his nature to do so. He will pay attention to everything you say.


He will do a lot of cute things to send signals to you. Be it a hug from behind that lasts a few seconds longer than expected or a playful kiss on the cheek he will have you melting for him.


He will help you and act like it was nothing. Be it your car messes up or you just need to copy his notes, he will be there. You will notice how much they adore you from the start.


They will get real creative when it comes to making their interest known. Don’t worry, just be on the lookout for something interesting.


His creativity knows no bounds. If he isn’t into you then he won’t spend any of his creative energy on you. However, if he is into you, he may paint/draw you or even write you a song.