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Lack of communication, as well as a lack of interest, can without a doubt ruin what you have going on in the bedroom. If you want to mix things up and give your lady a night she will remember to try these wild positions.

1. Standing Sex Position

This position does require a bit of strength to pull off however, it is very rewarding. This position involves the woman with her back against the wall (or facing the wall) while the male penetrates her while holding her up. This position allows for a quite intense degree of penetration and still leaves room for clitoral stimulation.

2, The Butterfly

This position ensures that your woman will be feeling wonderful. Have your lady lay on a table or the edge of the bed (with a pillow under her for added lift if needed.) Have her place her legs on your shoulders while you are standing and penetrate her. This position also allows a deep penetration and boy does it drive the ladies wild.

3. Woman On Top

Now depending on your lady, this could be the wildest position of them all. No one understands the female body quite like a female herself. She knows what she needs, let her take it.

4. Glowing Triangle

This is a much more intimate position, to say the least. In this one, the male will be on top but on all fours w ith his legs extended out. The woman will need to have her pelvis raised (you can use pillows if need be) and her legs wrapped around the man. This position is great for hitting the G-spot and allows the woman to be more in control of the motion.

If you do all of these in one night your woman is without a doubt going to be wanting more. Surprise her with something new chances are she deserves it. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be all about you, however, you may enjoy these positions just as much as she will.