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Some zodiac signs are much stronger than the others. Are you one of these signs?

You see our signs relate back to our personality traits and some of us are just much stronger than the others. The following five signs are the most intense and capable out of all twelve. Take a look below to see if your sign made the list.

1. Scorpio

Scorpios are quite different from the rest of the signs they are overly visible on an emotional level. They will not settle and are going to reach their goal no matter what it takes. Those born under this sign often seem a bit more arrogant than most so they can be a bit difficult to deal with, however, they are one of the strongest signs without a doubt.

2. Leo

Leos, as you may already be aware, are very dominant. They are not fearful and have a great capacity when it comes to planning out how to reach their goals. This sign is full of natural born leaders who will not let anything stand in their way.

3. Cancer

This sign is often overlooked but is definitely one of the strongest. People who are born under this sign are persistent and will demand what they need from those around them. Cancer’s are able to do incredible things in their lives.

4. Aries

Those born under this sign are full of energy and willing to face all challenges head on. They are stubborn but with good reason. Aries are strong leaders who lack fear and are capable of doing amazing things.

5. Taurus

This sign is strong but those born under it have a hell of a temper that holds them back on more occasions than it should. They are survivors and will do anything it takes to make it through with those they care the most about.