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The universe has a weird way of letting us know things. Spirit guides and different omens are sent to us to let us know whether or not we are on the right path.

Many ancient civilizations associated animals with Gods and Goddesses. The universe will send you many different signs when it wants you to know something. It might be because you are doing very well or you might be really showing off some integrity and in store for some good karma. Often times the universe will send us signs like deja vu, lucid dreams, intuition, and more to let us know we need to continue on the path we’re on.

Animals are known for being travelers and carriers for spiritual messages. Animals have extraordinary senses and abilities that we do not share with them. Animals have a unique ability of being able to detect an empath or an indigo child. They are also powerful omens. In fact, if you’ve seen any of these 11 animals recently the universe might be trying to tell you something.


Owls have always been perceived to be very wise creatures. They carry intense amounts of worldly wisdom and knowledge. They are believed to be able to warn us about something that hasn’t hit us yet. They are associated with many gods and goddesses such as Athena, the goddess of wisdom in ancient Greece. Pay close attention to owls that you see and don’t disturb them – just pay attention. They might be trying to warn you about something.


Spiders are a nightmare to most people. They are perceived to be evil and vicious creatures, but they are actually powerful omens too. They are considered to be sacred because their web symbolizes how we are all connected to each other and nature. Spiders are often thought of to be trying to remind us of a friend.


Cats have been worshipped in many ancient civilizations, especially Egyptians. They are the personification of intuition, which is a message of vibrations sent you from the universe. It is the gut feeling, persay. Cats are oftentimes associated with powerful and wise goddesses like Bast, Freyja, and Brigid. Cats that appear out of nowhere and show off their cuteness to you are powerful omens. This is a sign that you need to listen closely and pay attention to your heart and gut.


Crows have a reputation of being associated to dark magic and evil. They are often bringers of bad news but they are actually symbols of truth. Crows are the sacred bird of Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom and magic. If you see a crow it means that there is a strong truth coming your way. Prepare to accept it.


Deer are more than just a traffic obstruction when you see them. They are actually believed to be a symbol that the heavens know what you’re going through, and that they are there with you. They are a sign that you need to keep facing your struggles head on and that you will succeed.


Rabbits are not only adorable, but they are spiritual too. They appear after winter and symbolize springtime and happiness. They also reproduce easily and they are considered to be an omen of fertility and abundance. They are really lucky to see and some believe they are fairies or good witches transformed.


Lizards are discreet and strong forces. They are symbols of the dream world. The universe is notorious for contacting us in our dreams. If you keep seeing lizards pay more attention to your dreams. You might even want to keep a dream journal. Alchemists believe that lizards are extremely lucky creatures that promise you’re on the right path.


Snakes have long been signs of evil, especially in many biblical references where they were linked to the devil in many different scenarios. Seeing a snake is a reminder that we as humans have very powerful abilities. The modern day society has forced us to push them down and hide them, but a snake will tell you to let them go free. Not verbally of course – at least we hope.


Dragonflies are very powerful omens. They bring joy and happiness from the summertime, essentially they represent a smile. They have bright colors that bring positive vibrations that show us it is okay to be comfortable and happy. They can be signs of our spiritual ancestors who are are here to help us by giving us strength and wisdom.


Ladybugs have always been known to be a sign of good luck. They appear when good things might be happening to us to remind us to enjoy them and take note of the good times. They are messengers of joy and kids love them. It’s no coincidence that a ladybug can lift the mood of any child in a bad mood.


Doves are like ladybugs, they are very good signs of luck. They represent the freedom and passion we have as individual people. They are also thought of to be sent from past loved ones who knew our soul. They can be guiding and eye opening. They are spiritual forces of good luck and the power of good.