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Cheating is something that happens a lot more often than we want it to. Those who cheat for some reason feel like they have reason to do so and those who do not are forced to feel terrible.

Whether or not you think you have a good reason or not there is no excuse that can make it okay. Cheating is wrong no matter how you look at it. Whether YOU see it or not. Some people cheat because they’re bored while others do it because things are getting too serious and they can’t handle it.

That being said I have noticed that there are some zodiac signs that will NEVER cheat and some that will NEVER STOP cheating. There are of course, always exceptions to this but for the most part, I have found this to be true. Some of these signs actually have me wondering how they even ended up in a relationship in the first place.


Most Likely to Cheat Zodiac Signs:


The Taurus will cheat if they are not happy. They will stick around hoping you change but of course if you don’t leave they are not often capable of leaving because of how used to being with you they are. Cheating will come as a means of curing their loneliness.


Sometimes Gemini’s get bored. When this happens they will either kick you to the curb or cheat. While the Gemini may not want to cheat they are quite indecisive and it leads to some not so great decision-making skills. The Gemini will also cheat if they feel you are becoming distant, they do not want to be alone so they will have a backup ready. This most commonly does not come in the sexual form of cheating but emotional cheating which in my opinion is worse.


The Leo needs to be the center of attention and cannot handle it if they are not. If your affection for them fades even the slightest they will seek affection from others. They will begin to wander quickly.


The Scorpio will cheat when things get too serious. This is because you have begun getting comfortable with one another and things aren’t as filled with passion as they used to be. The Scorpio cannot go without passion.


The Sagittarius is not a good partner. They often play far too many games. They will only stay with someone for a few weeks at a time for the most part and chances are they are with three other people during those few weeks. They get bored really easily and simply repulsed by clinginess.