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Being in love is terrifying. It takes all of you and can if something goes wrong leave you with nothing. Some people love too hard while others don’t really love at all.

While sometimes loving too deeply can be a good thing it can also be a bad thing. Have you ever noticed yourself being a bit slow when it comes to opening up to someone? This is because falling in love means putting everything at risk again.

Some signs are willing to risk everything and do whatever it takes for love. The following signs love far harder than the rest and will do anything for the person they love. They will risk getting hurt or feeling rejected if it means they might end up with something special.


An Aries will do whatever it takes to add more passion to their relationship. They dive head first into someone hoping for them to catch them. Sometimes they do and other times they don’t an Aries can be overwhelming, to say the least.


A Gemini will love the feeling of a new relationship. While at first, the Gemini will be nervous the feelings of attraction will be more than enough to keep them going. Geminis are one of the signs that feels a need to please their partner as much as possible.


Libras are extremely loyal and will avoid conflicts at all costs. They want their partners to know how much they adore them and will be more selfless than ever.


Virgos love hard and give up too easily when hurt. Once you fuck over a Virgo you don’t get another chance they will move on to someone better and love them all the same.




While the Sag is a bit strange they still love hard. They will be vulnerable and open. They are always honest about how they feel.



This sign is always true to their emotions if you are playing a game this sign will have no part in it. They will find someone they like and settle down. They are never afraid to show their true selves.