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These mushroom lights are super cool and environmentally friendly! They give your home a new, fresh, cool look too! They are great for entertaining occasions too.

The lights are super cool, and they were designed by Yukio Takano. Yukio is also known as Mr. Mushroom! The lights are so beautiful, and many people are asking where they can get one. They lights are made out of glass, LED Lights, and reclaimed wood. However, Mr. Mushroom says that his work of arts is way too delicate to be shipped.

Yukio Takano is the founder of Great Mushrooming. He says that the light was meant to be simply a side project, but it turned into much more than that. He is very proud of his work, as he should be. The mushroom lights transform any regular home into Alice’s Wonderland for God’s sake! Since they are too delicate to ship, the scarcity of them only makes you want one worse. I guess that is reverse psychology, perhaps even induced on purpose by Mr. Mushroom. He says that if you want one of these lights, you’ll have to go to the many festivals and design shows where they are featured at. There are no current plans to incorporate a shipping plan or method, so I will be on the search for these lamps for sure!