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Growing up I remember checking the paper every single day for my horoscope. Now, while a lot of people don’t believe in things like that I find them quite interesting.

My horoscope reading has always been pretty spot on and when it comes to choosing a partner your zodiac sign could be a place to start. Each sign has another that compliments it.

To see what zodiac sign you are compatible with please take a peek below:

Aries (Leo)

When it comes to being an Aries you are most likely compatible with a Leo. This sign is one that will share your upbeat outlook on life. You are very passionate and don’t let things get you down, they are the same way. Now, you could settle for a Sagittarius as well because they could come as a close second to a Leo but never go for a Capricorn, you should be very the difference will most likely be far too intense for you to overcome.

Taurus (Virgo)

Your best bet is dating a Virgo. This is because you both share the same materialistic values in life. You won’t hold one another back but push each other forward in life. You will also have an amazing sex life with them because they understand the importance of pleasing their significant other. You are least compatible with people born under the sign Aquarius.

Gemini (Aquarius)

People with the sign Aquarius often think in the same way that Gemini’s do. You will get along great and have little issue with an Aquarius. They will give you the emotional support you need without you having to beg them for it. You are least compatible with a Pisces.

Cancer (Scorpio)

This sign shares the most. They have the same intuitive approach to life that you have and will always be there for you. They will help you keep your feet on the ground and moving in the right direction. You are least compatible with an Aries.

Leo (Aries)

Leos are most compatible with Aries because of how similar they are. They have the same set of values and get along well. Leos are incredibly passionate and an Aries will appreciate them for who they truly are. Sure you may argue sometimes but you will also shower each other with gestures of love. You are least compatible with a Scorpio.

Virgo (Taurus)

Taurus’ have a flame in them that you crave. You can’t stay away from them for some reason and it’s not a bad thing. They are cautious about things in the same way that you are and it helps better your relationship. You are both workaholics and will appreciate the time you have together. You are least compatible with a Sagittarius.

Libra (Sagittarius)

This type of air-fire combination is just what you’ve been needing in your life. A Sagittarius is just the right amount of passion you need in your life. Sure, there will be obstacles but a Sagittarius won’t give up on you easily. You are least compatible with A Capricorn.

Scorpio (Cancer)

You both have a similar level of sensitivity that makes you able to read each other quite easily. You will feel safe with a Cancer and they will defend you when you need them to. You are least compatible with a Leo.

Sagittarius (Libra)

Your best bet is to go with a Libra as they will be just as enthusiastic about things as you will. They won’t deny you the things you need if you need to know how fabulous your shoes are they will be the first to tell you. They will without a doubt keep you happy. You are least compatible with a Virgo.

Capricorn (Pisces)

Being with a Pisces will teach you to be sensitive when you need to be. This type of earth-water combination is exactly what you need. You will be surprised at how perfect your relationship with a Pisces is. You are least compatible with a Libra.

Aquarius (Gemini)

A Gemini will be able to handle your strong independent streaks better than any other sign could. They will understand exactly what you need even when you don’t. They are deep thinkers just like you. You are least compatible with a Scorpio.

Pisces (Capricorn)

As a Pisces, you are very creative and need someone who will keep you grounded. A Capricorn will not let you get lost in the race, they will help you find yourself when you get lost and stay by your side no matter what. You are least compatible with a Gemini.