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Our zodiac signs reveal a great deal about us, from highlighting our strengths to revealing our greatest weaknesses. They describe our personality in great detail and have often been used to provide a glimpse into who we would be romantically compatible with. Is it surprising, then, that they can also reveal your true BFF? Read on to find out whether you and your best friend are the most compatible friends!

Aries and Aquarius

There is no pairing more powerful or complimentary than these two!  While they will occasionally disagree (largely due to the stubborn nature of the Aries partner), they always make up quickly leaving their disagreements behind in the past as if they never happened. Highly independent, confident and driven, these two will push one another to new limits. They balance one another out better than either could have ever predicted. The Aquarius half of this team is moody and, at times, pessimistic, with an incredible mental prowess, where as the Aries half is optimistic and positive, and the more physically inclined of the two.

Taurus and Cancer

There are no other signs in the zodiac as loyal as Taurus and Cancer. If these two connect, there will be no parting them! They will build a deep, strong and trustworthy friendship, further strengthened by their unwavering morals and values, which are so alike you would believe that they share a single brain. The Cancer half of this partnership is emotionally charged and overly sensitive, which could leave them vulnerable, but don’t worry! The strong, dependent and practical cancer serves as the perfect emotional support. Cancer will feel so validated and loved from this effort to care for and protect them that they will ignore the over the top stubbornness of their Taurus buddy.

Gemini and Leo

These two are adventurous and fun loving, looking to live life to the fullest at every turn. Creative, upbeat and outgoing, these Gemini and Leo are the social butterflies of every social gathering and party – loving nothing more than the love, affection, and praise of those around them. The good news is that both sides to this pairing are more than willing to boost one another’s ego, building one another up and never leaving each other’s side. Their need for fun and adventure will often lead them into trouble, but they’ll enjoy every second of it!

Virgo and Scorpio

These two will bring out the best in each other, with each of their strengths lining up perfectly with their best friend’s biggest weakness. While Scorpio can, at times, be moody and impulsive, Virgo will do the work necessary to keep them happy in their daily lives. At the same time, Scorpio will remind their intelligent, workaholic Virgo friend that life is worth living, and they can only do so if they loosen the reins a little from time to time. These two can scheme like no other, coming up with big, elaborate plans, and their follow through leaves no stone unturned.

Libra and Sagittarius

The saying goes that ‘birds of a feather flock together,’ and these two are the classic example. Each seen by outsiders as being a little ‘weird,’ they not only embrace their own quirks but love that they have found someone equally weird to share their time with. They will butt heads – A LOT – but they have a level of love for one another that goes unmatched, allowing them to quickly forgive and forget. Both sides of this coin are highly chatty, and due to this, they will find that they easily lose track of time when they are around one another, chatting into the wee hours of the night about everything and anything. They will tease one another, but it will all be in good fun.

Capricorn and Pisces

Strong, confident Capricorn will help to push their Pisces partner to new levels, allowing them to discover a new, better version of themselves. At the same time, the Pisces half of this equation encourages their driven Capricorn pal to make changes and step outside of their comfort zone, letting loose a little. While the other pairings may be ‘opposites,’ none are as different as these two. In fact, the only things they share is a love for the arts and their affection for one another. Luckily that is all it takes as they demonstrate to those around them that love really is ‘all you need.’