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We all have a set amount of energy that we can spend each day. How, when, and where we spend our energy is us to us.

Now that being said, there are often people around us who absorb our energy. These people do this without noticing and in a sense work the same way that a black hole does. These people manipulate us, they convince us to focus on them these people will use an emotional connection as a means of draining you of your energy.

When referring to these people they are most commonly called ’emotional vampires.’ You should do everything in your power to keep these people from draining you. Of course, there is more than one type of ’emotional vampires,’ but the kind we should be on the look out for most is the Chameleon.

This person will be your friend, your family, or even just someone you feel good around. They will start out being great but then as time goes by they will show their true colors. They will suck you dry of your energy only when it is something that suits their agenda. This person will play the role of whatever fits their needs sometimes they will be a narcissist and other times they might seem like a bit of a drama queen. When you confront them they will go straight into playing the victim. You cannot win when it comes to these types of emotional vampires.

These people do not realize what they are doing and generally use these things as a type of defense mechanism. These people only want to use your energy for their benefit. They will get angry at every small mistake you make. It is not hard to tell if you are dealing with an emotional vampire if you notice the signs below you are being drained.

Signs you are dealing with an emotional vampire:

  • Your chest tightens when you come in contact with this person.
  • You fell slimy or squirmy in their presence.
  • They make you feel anxious.
  • They are overly negative towards you when they should be cheering you up.
  • You want to go overboard with comfort foods because of them or have a complete loss of appetite.
  • Your mood has taken a hit, you are unmotivated.
  • Your eyes are heavy and you feel as if you are not getting enough sleep.

These people can be people who do not realize what they are doing. They do not always have bad intentions, however, their subconscious will not allow them to stop zapping energy and they have a void within them that cannot be filled without lots of work. The best way to deal with someone like this is to learn how to properly respect your own energy.

Set up healthy boundaries between yourself and this person. Say no when you need to, you need to be aware of this person and what they are doing. Do not allow them to bring you down to their level. Stay as neutral as possible eventually they will get bored with you and find someone else to feed off of. Do not change yourself to make them feel better, this person is not your responsibility.