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While most of us would consider the pit of the avocado to be yet one more block on our way to enjoying our favorite food, one artist saw the beauty held inside.

According to Bored Panda, Jan Campbell was preparing lunch one day, when she saw just how beautiful the pit of an avocado truly was. It was then that she began to carve away at the pit until something beautiful emerged. And since that day, she has been turning her avocado “stones” into magical works of art.

“It dawned on me that I was holding a substantial object in my hand, one with a lot of potential,” she wrote on her website. “It felt like a shame to just throw it into the compost.” A couple weeks later, she returned to that same pit and carved it into her first 3D character.

She shares pictures of her newest creations on her Instagram page and then sells some of them on her website. Take a look, I bet you won’t find just one that you would love to have!