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When it comes to my bed there is no place more important to me. My bed is my safe place, to say the least.

My bed never judges me, it welcomes me each and every night with open arms. I can relax and unwind. If you love your bed and sleeping but are having some trouble in that area this blanket could solve all of your problems.

It’s called the Gravity Blanket and it will make sleeping so much easier! You see, it is weighted therefore it can naturally reduce stress and make you more relaxed. This is something we call deep pressure stimulation.

One study done on this sort of blanket showed a reduced anxiety level in 80 percent of the participants. Some people have even gone so far as to refer to this blanket as “Advil PM for your whole body.” If you haven’t already tried this out it is time. I know I am ready for mine!

According to the founder of the Gravity Blanket, it is able to make anyone comfortable. Would you try this blanket out? It could be the answer to all of your problems. For more information on this incredible product check out the video below.