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While many of the articles circulating the internet highlight the importance of spotting, recognizing and knowing how to interact with a narcissist or a psychopath, few articles approach the bigger question – do you identify with one of these personality traits?

Often viewed as being self-centered, egotistical and lacking empathy, the truth behind the strong exterior is that a narcissist is an individual with an incredible frail self-esteem. Longing for acceptance and validation, they push their efforts over the line to an unhealthy extreme in their approach. Also commonly discussed for the toxic ways are those who are identified as a psychopath. These antisocial individuals are damaged enough that they lack the ability to establish a meaningful relationship with those that they encounter. Their inability to understand love leaves them cut off from the world around them, eliminating the possibility of learning the value of a true relationship through experience.

Do you identify with either of these personality types? Do you sometimes wonder if you possess some f the toxic tendencies that are associated with narcissists and psychopaths and whether you should be seeking assistance in managing and reversing these thought processes?


The following ink blot test will reveal if you are a narcissist, a psychopath, or if you identify with both personality types.