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The right person will come along someday, don’t settle for the wrong person because you are tired of waiting. I hope someone loves you for who you are.

I hope that someone comes in and sweeps you off of your feet. They like you for who you are and not for the clothes you wear or how pretty you are. I hope you end up falling in love with someone who is worth your time. Someone who will make you feel like all your favorite love songs have come true. Someone who wants to do everything you enjoy whether they do or not because they like to see you happy.

Someone who takes the time to get to know you, all of you, your past, present, and makes plans to build a future with you. Someone who wants to explore your old tree house and spend Friday night doing nothing and everything at the same time. You deserve someone who is charming and intense. Someone who loves all of your faults and doesn’t mind your sharp edges.

Someone who remembers your favorite quote and what kind of chips you like because those types of things are important. The small things matter. Someone who cheers you on and helps you grow. A challenge that is also able to lend a hand when you need one.

I hope that you find someone who will memorize the speckles in your eyes and light a fire of passion with you every day. Someone who gives you butterflies and makes you feel warm and at home. Someone who wants to be there through the ups and the downs. You deserve nothing but the best.

You deserve everything you could ever want and to be happy all the time. You deserve to go to bed at night without shedding a tear, feeling safe and happy. I hope you find true love, someone worthy of giving your all to. I hope that when you find them you get your happily ever after.

You are amazing and you deserve someone who knows that just as well as I do. You deserve the right person, the person who will love you until their last breathe. I hope you find exactly what you want in this life. Please don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve.