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We all flirt in different ways this is something I am sure you have noticed by now. If you can figure out how a person shows affection then you can figure out if they are interested in you or not.

This is what to look for depending on which sign you’re dealing with. If they do this then chances are the are quite into you. Check for your potential partner’s sign below.


They text or message you first. This is not something they do for people they aren’t interested in. Be it romantically or just a friendship if they like you enough to text first you may have a good chance.


They like to spend as much time with you as they can. This meaning if there is a chance to be around you, they will be there. Taurus born people can sometimes be a bit possessive.


They are a bit louder than usual and go out of their way to talk to you. This sign will no hesitate to stalk your social media accounts if you show interest chances are they will give you a sign their interested.


They are always worried about your wellbeing. Cancer’s are extremely caring and will be your nurse if you are sick.


They share the spotlight with you. This is something a Leo will not do with just anyone. If they are willing to show you off then you may have a keeper.


They will help you improve your life. They will do small things for you that will make a big difference in the long run. If a Virgo offers to help you with something that is a sign they do not do that for everyone.


They will play hard to get. When you are around others they will seem like a different person than when you two are in private.


They will come out and tell you they are interested. When it comes to a Sag they do not waste time fooling around.


They will tell you things that they wouldn’t tell other people. Scorpios will open up to the people they are interested in.


They will be easier going around you. You will notice that they seem more at ease when you are around.


They will invite you to do things all the time. They treat you like a friend but are definitely down for something more.


They will be obvious with their flirting but will not outright say they are interested. Everyone will know you two like one another before you both realize it.