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We all have different kinds of soulmates because we all have different needs. What is your soulmate like?


Your soulmate is not someone who will blindly follow you. Your soulmate is someone who will be your equal match but in a good way. This person will help you grow into who you are meant to be and lead with you rather than try to overshadow you.


Your soulmate will be visually pleasing and not push you to your limit like others do. Your soulmate will understand you in every way that is possible and they will not frustrate you like your previous relationships have.


Your soulmate is the person who helps you to not feel all over the place. Your soulmate will make you feel comfortable and at home no matter where you are. This person will give you the stability you crave.


Your soulmate is not going to take advantage of you and will be able to wipe the tears from your face when you’re down. You will be very happy with this person and they will be your best friend.


You will love to be with your soulmate and for once won’t mind sharing the spotlight. You are proud to be around this person and love to show them off as they do the same for you. This person will make you feel like the lion you are.


Your soulmate will take care of you and always be there for you. You will have a sensitive but strong and caring partner to help you through this thing we call life. This person will give you all that they have in hopes of receiving the same in return.


Your soulmate will be full of passion and love you will all that they are. They will be funny and warm all the while being fierce and passionate. You will adore this person.


Your soulmate is someone you are not afraid to be yourself around. This person loves you for who you are and you are not afraid to be with them. They believe that you are worth everything in this world.


Your soulmate is the one you will change for. You will settle down for this person because you have found your perfect match. You will have never felt this way before. They will make you the happiest you have ever been and will commit to you as you will to them.


Your soulmate will be someone who understands your true self. They will not think of you as stubborn or hard to read, for them you will be an open book. This person will peel back all your layers and get to know the real you.


Your soulmate is someone who will see your vision of where you want to be in life as their own. They will stand beside you through anything and be your true life partner. This person will not hold you back.


Your soulmate will blow you away from the moment you meet them. This person will feel a deep connection with you right off the bat and things will go wonderfully from there. You will be inspired, to say the least.