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Throughout life, you are on an important and sacred journey in search of your divine self and spiritual enlightenment. Along this way there is one individual who is predestined to help you in this journey, revealing to you the truths about yourself that you may otherwise overlook on a daily basis. This is your twin flame, a partner promised to you by the universe before you were even born.

When you meet your twin flame you will experience an instant, intense bond that you may not be able to explain. There will be characteristics of this person that cause you to experience a sense of deja-vu, as though you have met each other before. While you can tell that you have been brought together for a purpose, it is not always clear what this purpose is.

The truth is that twin souls are sent to reveal to us the deeper truths of ourselves, helping us to recognize areas in our lives that we must attend to in order to continue to move forward on our spiritual journey. There will be aspects of their personality or choices that they make, that will catch your attention and raise a red flag – maybe they are overly sensitive, they may be battling addiction, or they are fearful of the world around them.


Much like looking in a mirror, these personality flaws are being shown to you as a reflection, revealing your own biggest weaknesses and flaws. For example, if your twin flame is highly dramatic, over-exaggerating everything that occurs in their life, you should stop and look at the drama that you bring to your own life and the lives of those around you. While you may have previously been blind to it, do you now see that you have a tendency to overexaggerate the situations in your life?

Not only does your twin soul reveal these characteristics, but they can also be instrumental in your ability to heal. Unlike any other relationship that you will encounter, the relationship between twin souls empowers one another to heal instantly. This healing is accomplished through our ability to recognize and address the characteristics that our twin flame is reflecting back to us. In order to accomplish this, we must be sure that we keep our minds, hearts, and souls open to the lesson that we are being presented with.

If you notice that your twin soul is struggling with addiction, look closely at your own life. What does this reveal about your own life? Do you discover an addictive personality in yourself that you didn’t realize existed previously?

Once you are able to acknowledge this area in your life, you must take the necessary steps to release yourself, and in doing so your twin flame, from this negative behavior. Stop and reflect upon this pattern in your life and the way in which it is impacting you. Visualize yourself letting go of this pattern, releasing it from your life. As you visualize this, say out loud I want to release this pattern to heal myself and us.”

Not only will doing this release you from your behavior, it will release BOTH of you from the pattern instantly. All it requires is the ability to reflect on yourself, acknowledge the behavior and desire to release yourself from its grasp.

It is easy to fall into the trap of feeling as though you have accomplished that which you have set out to find by locating and connecting with your twin flame. Rather than veering from your journey at this point, look beyond this moment to the path before you and understand that you haven’t arrived. However, you have found the person who will be traveling the next leg of the journey with you. Your twin soul is the deepest form of love you will ever feel, so embrace it. Help to lift one another up, identify your weaknesses and heal one another in order to move even closer to spiritual enlightenment.