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Before you were born you were assigned a spirit team. This is a group of higher beings that are meant to guide and protect you through your journeys here on Earth.

We all have a spirit team and the more we pay attention and are open to them the better things will be for us in this life. If we acknowledge them they will play a much stronger role in our lives than if we ignore them. When it comes to what makes up your spirit team, usually they consist of spirit guides, guardian angels, and archangels.

Spirit guides seem to have a much deeper understanding of the lessons we are meant to learn. Most of us have more than one spirit guide and have been human before. Archangels are the overseers for the spirit guides and such. They are able to help us through any obstacle that we come to. They even have control over the guardian angels who have only ever existed from in their Divine form.

When we are frightened or scared they are always ready to offer their comfort and guidance. Understanding your spirit team will help you get in-tune with them. You have to learn to let yourself sit back while they speak to you. You must pay attention to all the subtle hints at life they send your way. Keep an open mind and welcome your spirit team. Regardless of the circumstance, they will always be here for you.

When you are going down the right path they will send you indicators of such, just as when you are making mistakes they will make sure you are well aware. They are all around you, just because you cannot see them does not mean they are not there. Pay close attention to detail and you will notice their life hints in almost everything.