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You are creepy in your own way and there is nothing wrong with that. Our inner creeps are actually linked up with our zodiac signs, so you couldn’t change it even if you wanted to.

Some of us are actually a little creepier than others but we are all creepy, the stars never lie. What is the creepiest thing about you based on your zodiac sign? Find out below.


You think about death a lot more than you’re willing to admit. You wonder what would happen if you took your own life or if someone else did. When it comes to possible ways to die you have considered them all.


You are a stalker, now while you aren’t the typical ‘wait outside your room and watch you change through the window’ stalker you’re still a stalker. You will spend hours looking through a person’s Facebook page or their Instagram.


You are a good liar. You can make up stories on the spot and force others into believing them. You will sometimes lie just to see if you can get away from it. You think lying is fun.


You are an obsessor if you’re in a relationship that person becomes your property. This happens even if they don’t want it to. You are one of those people who consider hacking their cheating boyfriend up into little pieces.


You imagine what things would be like if you were deal all too often. You are fixated on who would show up first and who would be crying nonstop. This sick fantasy of your funeral makes you feel important.


You are always fantasizing about sex. Sometimes you get overly naughty in your thoughts. You can name at least ten things you wish didn’t turn you on and they are sick.


You are one of those people with a fucked up internet history. You are always watching disturbing shit. You could easily be mistaken for a serial killer if your internet history is brought out into the open.


Toxic thoughts pop into your head at random. When you’re holding a baby animal, you think of how easily you could crush it. When you’re walking by a pretty lady, you think of how quickly you could push her into the middle of the street. You would never actually do those things. But you think about them all the time.


You are emotionless. When it comes to those you care about passing it does not phase you at all. Sometimes you seem overly numb but there is nothing you can do about that.


You are always planning the deaths of those you love. Of course, you don’t want to kill them you just want to know that you could get away with it if you did want to.


You think about what you would say at other peoples funerals and how your life would be without them, while this is sadder than creepy your obsession with this is a bit scary.


Your daydreams are often more like nightmares. You always see yourself as the hero and in your mind, you are forever slaying the villain.