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You deserve someone who cares about you. Someone who text’s back quickly and doesn’t leave you wondering if they’re ever going to reply at all.

Someone who makes you feel like you are all they need. Someone who won’t hit on all your friends or have sex with that girl you don’t like just to make you mad. Someone who will make you happy to wake up each morning. A person who will spend all their weekends by your side. Someone who holds your umbrella like a true gentleman.

Someone you can’t get off your mind. You deserve that. You deserve a YES not a maybe. You deserve to be the first person to cross his mind each and every day and the last person to leave his mind when he is falling asleep. Someone who will make your insides melt every time you go out and keep you on the edge of your seat but not in a bad way.

A person who will kiss your cheek and hold your hand. Someone who won’t leave your side even when times get rough. Someone who sees you as the beautiful person you are and always have been, A person who picks you time and time again as their first choice and never puts anyone above you.

You deserve to love and be loved in return. You deserve to be happy and overwhelmed with nothing but positivity for the rest of your life. This is the kind of love you deserve, no less. You are perfect in all ways possible, even with all of your flaws.