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We all have those people in our lives that suck up our happiness and will do anything to see us struggling. These are the people we need to avoid.

For each sign, there is another sign we should avoid. You see for whatever reason we just do not connect with everyone we meet and that is okay. However, we need to be able to see when someone does not belong in our lives. If you have to think of ways to avoid someone chances are you should cut them out of your life completely.

This Is The One Zodiac Sign You Need To Avoid At All Costs:

Aries: (Cancer)

You are too blunt and this will in some cases make the Cancer feel awful. They are always wanting to talk about their feelings and your bluntness is too much for them. You will become frustrated with these people because unlike you, they would rather talk about something than act on it.

Taurus: (Sagittarius)

You are stubborn and the Sagittarius is everything you do not like. You are a homebody while they are flighty and will end up pissing you off without a doubt.

Gemini: (Virgo)

A Virgo will bore you to death. They are too quiet for you and will always make you feel as if you have done something wrong.

Cancer: (Aquarius)

Aquarius do not like emotional displays of any sort and with you, your emotions are an open book. They will make you feel awful for feeling anything.

Leo: (Aries)

Aries will compete with you no matter what is going on. They want to have the spotlight and will not share it with you. You do not want to deal with someone who cannot stop challenging you. You need someone who will support you.

Virgo: (Cancer)

If you get caught up with a Cancer there is no doubt you will be engaging in their meltdowns all the time. They want you to listen and not criticize, however, you do not know how to stop criticizing.

Libra: (Scorpio)

Scorpio’s are intense and the truth is you cannot handle them. They may seem great in the beginning but they become too much for you far too quickly.

Scorpio: (Capricorn)

A Capricorn will try to tie you down and that is the last thing you want right now. You will end up hurting them the more you let them latch onto you.

Sagittarius: (Leo)

You without a doubt need to avoid one another when it comes to romance. Sometimes you could be friends but in most cases, the relationship between a Sagittarius and a Leo is one of the most toxic. You have too much in common to be romantic with each other. The fireworks will burn you in the end.

Capricorn: (Aries)

You are cautious and they are not. Aries will push you much further than anyone else. They will not hesitate to push all of your buttons in an attempt to get a rouse out of you.

Aquarius: (Taurus)

Taurus is not flexible enough for you emotionally. You cannot change a Taurus and that is why they should be avoided. You will want to mix things up from time to time and they will not let you.

Pisces: (Aquarius)

You are both forever changing in different directions. You do not need to let this sign use you because they will try to. They will take advantage of your selflessness.