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For those of you who do not know the Egyptian zodiac is made up of 12 signs. All of these astrological signs are linked with an Egyptian god that is believed to help you along through life.

Now, rather than complete months these signs are only for specific days throughout each month and can be broken up into more than one month. The Egyptian zodiac sign you were born under could say a lot about who you are as a person. What Egyptian zodiac sign are you?

The Nile (January 1-7, June 19-28, September 1-7, November 18-26)

This is the first sign of the Egyptian zodiac and it represents a new start. People who are born under this sign are much more passionate than most other people. They have a positive outlook on life no matter what is being thrown at them. People who are of the Nile zodiac love to dream and spend time thinking about how their life is going to play out. They are deep thinkers who are often considered weird because of how driven they are. They are most compatible with the Amun-Ra sign.

Amun-Ra (also spelled like amon-ra) January 8-21, February 1-11)

People born under this sign are natural born leaders. They come across as controlling and overly confident but the truth is they just want to be the best at what they do. They are often very encouraging to others and even find happiness when counseling others. If you decide to look for a partner this sign is most compatible with the Nile sign.

Mut (January 22-31, September 8-22)

Mut is a symbol for the mother and people who are born under this sign are nurturers by nature. They make amazing parents and are practical thinkers. They are most compatible with people born in the Thoth zodiac sign and do well in any type of career that requires them to be around children or solving problems.

Geb (February 12-29, August 20-31)

People born under this sign are kindhearted sensitive beings. They always go with their gut instincts and if something bad happens they are often negatively affected by it, whether it was something that happened to them or someone else. They love the Earth and care strongly about the environment. If you are born under this sign you should be looking for a Sekhmet when considering a romantic partner.

Osiris (March 1-10, November 27-December 18)

This sign is a bit interesting, people born under it often have two sides to their personalities. They are strong and vulnerable depending on the situation. These people are often very independent and go after their goals with lots of enthusiasm. This sign is most compatible with the Isis sign.

Isis (March 11-31, October 18-29, December 19-31)

People born under this sign know what they want in life and are very direct about it. They often try their best to get their point across and make sure everyone understands what they are getting out. They are naturally protective of those that they care about. You might have even noticed those born under this sign are much more playful than most despite their seriousness. They are most compatible with people born in Osiris.

Thoth (April 1-19, November 8-17)

Thoth is the god of wisdom, people born under this sign are fantastic at solving problems and tend to have amazing memories. They are overly romantic without trying and are always looking for stable relationships. If you do something nice for them they will never forget it. This sign is most compatible with the sign of Bastet.

Horus (April 20- May 7, August 12-19)

This sign is always willing to take necessary risks to reach their goals. They love being in charge and need security in order to function properly. They are always trying to be the best that they can be and never give up on life. This sign is best when paired with the sign of Geb.

Anubis (May 8-27, June 29-July 13)

People born under this sign are very content being alone. They prefer solitude and love being in peaceful environments. They do tend to have intense emotions but overall are quite calm. However, you wouldn’t want to piss someone off that was born under this sign. They do best with people born under the sign Isis.

Set (Also known as Seth) (May 28-June 18, September 28-October 2)

People born under this sign are often perfectionist who are constantly seeking change. They get bored easily and move on to something else. They do not like being stuck in one place as it generally tends to make them unhappy. They are outgoing and usually don’t have any trouble communicating despite their nervousness. This sign is most compatible with the sign Geb.

Bastet (July 14-28, September 23-27, October 3-17)

These people are constantly spending their time seeking for peace and inner balance. They can sense the true motives of others with ease and it allows them to sift through people as they need to. They will not waste their time on toxic individuals. They do best when paired with someone of the Horus sign.

Sekhmet (July 29-August 11, October 30- November 7)

These people are very down to Earth and tend to have a good sense of fairness. They do well in careers that put them in the position to take charge. They are very smart and love having authority over others. This sign is most compatible with the sign Geb.