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Have you ever found yourself feeling as though ‘people’ are just not your ‘thing’? Would you rather stay home, relishing in the company of your cup of tea and Netflix than going out and socializing? The world is full of many different personality types including extroverts, ambiverts, and introverts.

If you find that you prefer to keep to yourself, avoiding the loud excitement of social situations, you may identify with the term introvert. However, if you have been reading up about this term and feel as though it doesn’t quite fit, it may be because this spectrum includes many more options than just the extremes.

Falling along the spectrum towards the introverted side are a number different personality types. Maybe you are simply shy, taking you awhile to warm up to others. Maybe you can handle connecting with people on a one on one basis, but find yourself overwhelmed by larger social gatherings. Or maybe you simply hate people – an extreme that does exist in some people!

Unsure where you fit into the spectrum? Take this quiz to reveal which type of ‘introvert’ you are: