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Whether we realize it or not before we are given birth to here in this world we are asked this by our soul family, “What is it you would like to learn this lifetime?” We may not know the answer to that now but back then we did.

This is a soul contract. Something we agreed to in our rawest form before being born, whether it was our first life or our thirtieth life. You see the things we ask for at that point affect the things we go through during that lifetime. The things we go through are only happening to ensure that we learn the very thing we asked to learn.

For instance, if you told you soul family you wanted to learn patience chances are you have some seriously annoying people in your life and a lot going on. Your soul family will surround you with people who will push you to where you need to be. Even if that means giving you people who literally drive you nuts.

So, essentially we are given the opposite of what we ask to learn in order to teach us how to do or have that very thing. If we want loyalty we are given disloyal people, if we want to love we are shown hate, if we want to learn about true freedom we are locked away.

Self-development like this can be painful but it is very important. This is something nature will not allow us to get away from. In this repetitive learning process that we become who we need to be. When we are being stepped on at some point we realize we have no other choice than to stand up for ourselves.

When it comes to soul contracts the most important thing to remember is that we are given these obstacles for a reason. Sometimes our paths are painful, but it is a learning pain that we need. We will grow from the things we experience and in the end, our soul will reach its true form.