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Some people will go to extraordinary lengths to make themselves look good. Everyone aims to look as young as they can, and plastic surgery has gotten pretty intense in Hollywood.

People have done some crazy things to make themselves look better, and yet, Hollywood never ceases to amaze us with their ‘ beautifying’ techniques. You might have seen the newest, yet crazy, plastic surgery trend on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram. She has been known for injecting her own blood into other parts of her boy to rejuvenate it and make it look good. However, the newest trend is sweeping across Hollywood and it is a vampire’s dream.

Injecting your body with your own blood in order to rejuvenate it is no new plastic surgery technique. You can see below Kim Kardashian getting her latest vampire treatment. However, people are taking it to a new level; Vampire breast lifts. Vampire breast lifts make your breasts perkier and rounder. Dr. Charles Runels is an expert. He has modeled the vampire breast lift off of his popular vampire face lift. According to the Daily Mail,  the procedure “sees blood is drawn from a patient’s arm before a centrifuge separates the platelets into a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that is reinserted back into the person’s face – or in this case, their breasts.”

Dr. Runels told Cosmopolitan that it can make your boobs look as if you’re wearing a pushup bra all the time, even when you have no bra on. The procedure is pretty expensive too. To get your own vampire face lift you’re going to have to pay a whopping $1,800. One woman even reported seeing rippling in areas where her implants moved closer to the surface of her skin, however, the procedure fixed that.

When PRP is injected into the skin, “multipotent stem cells become activated to grow new tissue, including collagen, fatty tissue, and blood vessels, essentially rejuvenating itself and creating fuller breasts.” The doctor warns, however, that this procedure is not for all. According to the Daily Mail Online, “Dr. Runels warns that the procedure is not intended for implants and is not meant to increase a woman’s chest size, but rather to improve the perkiness and shape of the breasts.”

So when are you going to get your own vampire breast lift? It’s a Dracula enthusiasts dream, and it’s actually effective. It is also great for the health of your breasts. What are you waiting for?