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Sometimes we end up in bad relationships without even realizing it. These are relationships that will kill you on the inside and consume all that you are.

If you notice these things in your relationship it is time to run for the hills. Pay close attention to the way your partner treats you whether you feel like you deserve it or not. You should never put up with this type of behavior!

1. He never lets you win an argument (or anything else.)

2. He manipulates you.

3. He is two faced and seems overly ‘bipolar’ or ‘moody.’

4. He makes you feel trapped.

5. He plays with words to make you think or feel differently.

6. He cuts you off from your friends and family.

7. He blames you for everything, literally.

8. He embarrasses you.

9. He never lets you forget your mistakes.

10. He only wants to do things that benefit him.

You don’t have to deal with things like this. It is not part of a normal relationship. You deserve better!