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We all know a girl who stays having a sarcastic tone. The girl who always has the resting bitch face, the one who scares you with a single look.

These girls are fierce and powerful. The girl who hates everyone tends to love differently. These girls have big hearts and sarcastic minds, but they are by far some of the best girlfriends and friends there are. However, you have to approach these girls differently than most girls.

They can read people very well, and don’t try to pull anything on them. They aren’t susceptible to the emotional tricks men play on ordinary girls. These are the girls you don’t want to mess with. If you get close to one you have to remember that she loves differently.

You know… the girl who says whatever is on her mind. They have sarcastic tones and no filters. They blurt out things without thinking sometimes, but they never mean them to be intentionally hurtful. Don’t mistake her blunt behavior as a bad thing, she also has a gigantic heart. She might not show it, but that is only because she hates to be vulnerable. She has probably been hurt at some point in her life, like most of us have been. Because of this she avoids getting mushy and deep as much as she can.

You have to be good to girls like this; they’re such good companions, and they’ll always have your back. She will have trouble opening up to you, but she can’t help this. Often times she doesn’t even know when she is doing it. She has no trouble performing the physical parts of a relationship, but she has a lot of trouble letting down her walls and inviting other people into her heart. But when she does, you’ll truly be able to see how amazing of a girl she is, so be patient.

She might have a hard exterior, but like the best of candies inside is all good! She struts her stuff like one bad bit**, and she certainly is. However, underneath her hard shell and badass exterior, she’s all mush. 

She is also one of the best listeners there are; she will always be there for you when you need a friend to talk to. She gives you the courage to do the things that you’re most afraid to do. She will be there for you in the darkest of the times, when nobody else is anywhere to be found. She additionally has the best sense of humor out there. Her sarcastic tone can make everything hysterical.

These girls might also be overthinkers, worriers, and a little rough around the edge, but they are well worth the trouble. They are the best lovers because they love differently than the other girls. She’s equal parts sensitive and bad ass, so she’ll be your girl and your best friend all at the same time.