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Throughout our lives, we experience many loves. Unfortunately, there is much trial and error involved in finding the one.

But when we find them, that entire failed quest somehow seems like it may have been worth it. But, while we are on that journey, it can seem to be the most painful order of lessons we will ever learn.

Our first love is so powerful, or so it seems to be at first. Yet, later, we find that we knew nothing about the true nature of love. Instead, we were hung up on the idea of what we felt like love SHOULD be, instead of what love truly was.

Then, for many of us, we venture on, to the next failed relationship. Only this time, we are prepared. We want to complete opposite of the first failure. Maybe, just maybe, he will prove to be our knight and shining armor. Unfortunately, we jump too quickly, thinking we know how to tackle such a tricky subject and we fail. Why? Because we haven’t grasped what love truly is.

But, as the human animals that we are, we never give up. We may go through 10-15 of these failures, only to teach ourselves what love truly is. Eventually, we finally understand. We can’t change another. No one is ever going to be our perfect match, but someone, yes someone, can indeed make us happy.

Love isn’t having a keychain that says “I’m taken.” It is having someone who will be by your side through all the crap.

Someone who can make you happy when the world disappoints you, and someone who can disappoint you, without losing your love. They are someone who no matter how deep their faults run, you can always see their beauty. They are someone you can grow with and can stay with, despite their flaws.

Furthermore, they are someone who makes you want to better yourself. Instead of driving you to self-destruction, they will drive you to improve and empower yourself. They are someone that will give us what we deserve, and of course, that is only the best.